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0:00 Intro
09:23 Skills
10:00 Class Tree
12:30 Demo Run


8 thoughts on “3 MIN T15 GOLD PYRO BUILD! OUTRIDERS”

  1. If you are literally doing 3-minute runs then there's most definitely nothing left to do. Lol.

    That's what sucks about this game you play to get the best gear but then what you obtained it there's nowhere else to go with it. The game should give you the best gear a little bit before you get to the finale so you can actually enjoy that gear. 😂

  2. Lit, simialr to what I run but different pieces set up. The deathsheild still hides from me though lol. Love the pyro. I currently have it setup that I can just change my gloves out for either a thermal bomb, Faser Beam, or Ashblast its convient lol


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