5 Things You Need To Do Before Outriders Worldslayer

With just 50 days to go to the launch of Outriders Worldslayer, no is the time to jump into Outriders New Horizon and do these five things so that you are ready for launch day.

0:00:00 5 Things You Need To Do
0:00:13 Level A Character To Level 30
0:01:13 How To Expand Your Stash
0:01:47 Max Out These Resources
0:02:56 Create Your Best Build
0:03:36 Collect Them All

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  1. The shards are the most valuable resource for upgrading gear and weapons. nothing like leveling up some gear only to realize that you now need a ton of cooldown reduction shards that are the hardest thing in the world to accumulate when you actually need them.


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