ANOMALY BUILD RIFLE! Outriders Legendary Molten Eidola

Legendary Outriders Rifle, the Molten Eidola! Its not a good gun on its own, but coupled with a perk like Scrap Grenade it could give you a lot of burst damage for Anomaly Builds. Its got a place in the meta, even if its not a popular one! Not all Legendary Weapons are DPS build ones.

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27 thoughts on “ANOMALY BUILD RIFLE! Outriders Legendary Molten Eidola”

  1. Am I the only one that’s been wondering how good using the Imploder with it’s T3 mod and Ultimate Anomaly Surge would be for an anomaly build or what?

  2. Running this on bottom tree dev and it works very well. But, there's currently a bug that makes the scrap grenade mod become inactive after cutscenes in expeditions aka when the big bois show up and then I am afraid. Makes me not wanna do expeditions.

  3. This one could also be good with the Torment and Agony T3 mod, where it deals 5x the weapon's damage on each enemy you tag when before you reload. Obviously you're not gonna hit a lot of enemies before you reload, but you are going to be reloading A LOT so it might balance it out.

  4. I use it with my devestator bleed build and the grand opening and got to say when I actually use the gun it's really fun yo watch everything die and great on bosses or elites.

  5. If there was a bolt action rifle that naturally came with Grand Opening, you could combine that with Scrap Granade to make the perfect one shot weapon.
    The closer I got to this idea is using the Juggler (which naturally comes with Scrap Granade) and slapping Grand Opening on its second slot. It has massive burst, but being an assault rifle, it still doesn't reload as quickly as a bolt action.


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