Anomaly Technomancer Builds Are About to Get NUTTY! – Outriders: Worldslayer

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Today we look into how we can potentially break Technomancer AP builds when WorldSlayer drops! How high can we stack that Anomaly Power??

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11 thoughts on “Anomaly Technomancer Builds Are About to Get NUTTY! – Outriders: Worldslayer”

  1. **EDIT** With the help from PlayDohBear, it seems that the Ascension points can't be fully allocated into one category and will be 10 points max across all the nodes in a category. So instead of having 50 in Leech, we can now spread out for 10 points in AP and 10 points in Anomaly Damage.

    I will update this pinned comment as we work out the numbers, but should be fairly comparable! – SongsOfRaze

  2. In the footage you just showed, you got down below 50% health approximately zero times. In order to proc the node and get any benefit of any of the things you’re talking about, you’d have to be getting down to 30% health consistently. How would this be at all relevant to this build? Are you going to try to let people shoot you enough every few seconds to get down to 30% at each enemy encounter?

  3. I genuinely hope you take this as constructive. I can appreciate somebody looking at how to take something clearly inferior and trying to make it not suck more than most. A couple things:
    I could be wrong, but unless they specifically make the node be its own multiplier (which would be cool), it'll most likely be additive with class tree nodes.
    The downfall of using that node in a minigun build is that minigun is amazing at doing exactly one thing (probably better than anything else in the game at it), keeping you topped to full HP. It fires so fast that you're constantly leeching.
    Now you do have the option to stack on some skill leech stuff to get value from it, but I don't know you'll get that much value. But hey, there's always a chance it's better than I'm thinking.
    Anyway, keep trying, and find the secret sauce to make minigun not a meme! Best of luck!

  4. now think about this how much anomaly and skill leach per armor at level 1, lv20, lv30, lv50, and coming soon lv75 gear. so how much more will we really have

  5. Hey guys I'm seeing damage from 25000 up to 136,000 or more? whats going on my smartgun is only upto 10,000 damage.

    Edit. I tried the minigun on the last boss but i ran out of healing when he was on his late stage helpers jump power attacked me so died.
    Are you able to do the last boss solo with this build I wasn't able to?


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