Bannerlord VS Seismic Commander – Why Is One SO Much Better? – Outriders Worldslayer

Outrider Worldslayer Patch 1.23 made a huge change to the Bannerlord’s Armor to break the meta away from Seismic Commander set. Here’s a closer look as to why one is the only choice when looking for max DPS God Roll armor.

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5 thoughts on “Bannerlord VS Seismic Commander – Why Is One SO Much Better? – Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. Yeah bannerlord is up there with seismic and marshal set. But your right, if they want bannerlord to beat the all powerful seismic set, they need to increase the anomaly bonus by a lot. It’s hard to change the fact that impale is just one of those skills that do need a whole lot of mods to make it super powerful

  2. Great breakdown…figured seismic commander is still king but man I been having a blast with bannerlord…something different ya know.. cuz lord knows us devastators don't have alot of choices when come to fp builds and even ap builds as well.


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