Can SNIPER RIFLE builds be viable | Outriders Worldslayer

Can SNIPER RIFLE builds be viable | Outriders Worldslayer

Lets answer the question β€œCan SNIPER RIFLE builds be viable in Outriders Worldslayer”

00:00 Intro
00:26 My GIANT Sniper Rifle RANT
05:59 Weapons
10:04 Armor and Mods
17:12 Skills and Rotation
18:34 Class Tree
20:40 PAX Choices
22:55 Ascension Choices
24:25 Outro and Thanks

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18 thoughts on “Can SNIPER RIFLE builds be viable | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. I haven't viewed the whole video yet (it's playing in the background as I'm typing), but I will state that snipers have a distinct issue. Lower ammo and enemies constantly coming forward towards you. Snipers benefit largely from cover, stealth and high elevation, which unfortunately isn't really utilized in outriders. Enemies know where you are at all times, and so many of the advantages of normal sniper play are lost. Typically a sniper isn't really the best weapon for a large group coming right at you. In this scenario, every other weapon is more efficient for most classes.

    When playing with others, this is also difficult for the same reasons and factoring in powers. Your teammates can unintentionally disrupt your shots, both from not being able to see through some effects and from aggroing enemies you're targeting.

    For a sniper in this game to be viable, in my opinion…it would need to be able to shoot through enemies. It would need a lot more ammo. There are a few other suggestions that I have in mind, but those suggestions would make the sniper op.

    Another option is in combination with more ammo, the ability to shoot through other targets with diminishing returns. There could also be a more generous area for crits for sniper rifles…or have the existing ones glow when using snipers to make it more easy to hit those crits. I'm not saying that they should. This is just an idea to make snipers more viable to me. All of this said, it's not perfect. Just an idea, which of course would require balancing throughout the four classes and their respective builds.

    Great video as always.

  2. Pyro rifle preferences:
    Molten Eidola [Ravenous Locusts/Violent Rupture/Grand Opening]
    Twisted Mercy [Ult Vulnerability Bullets/Violent Rupture/Firestorm]
    Both running Vol Rounds. Burn build.

  3. For me, snipers don't really have a place in end game but they're pretty useful when starting out before you have any insane gear and mods. So for me, I feel like they're just a transitional type of weapon but don't make much sense to build around for end game.

  4. I have a one shot variant sniper riffle with Grand opening and scrap grenade for mods that I wanted to use in a build similar to this. I haven't got around to it yet though so it's been collecting dust in my stash

  5. Fucking cheers bro! Do you think maybe having Grand Opening or Charged Up along with that reload node would make this build hit like a Mac Truck or wouldn’t really make a difference?

  6. Not sure if it's my controller but with my devastator when I use tremor ability it seems to go to cool down but doesn't seem to be activating around 20 to 30% of the time. Anyone else have similar issue?

  7. I think that rifles in general need to have infinite ammo like the pistols with the exception of auto sniper rifle which have a large magazine size. Or could have an extra talent that has like a ammo regen to the 3 piece set bonus.

  8. Good to see you back on Outriders. This is where Destiny 2 has Outriders beat, a lot of people use Sniper Rifles on Destiny, but here on a console with Outriders, the hit box is way to small and not powerful enough. much like Handguns, Destiny is full of them, but they are useless in Outriders. also, where's your video on the latest patch? it's almost killed the game since we can't use the level up glitch anymore. 15 runs today, and I'm not even getting leveled up. it's soul destroying, as I love this game so much. but I'm going nowhere


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