D2 Player Reacts To Outriders!! The Trickster Class

Destiny 2 player reacts to Outriders. First impression and reaction to the trickster class. Is this the death of Destiny? Can outriders be the replacement for a long time Destiny Gamer?


5 thoughts on “D2 Player Reacts To Outriders!! The Trickster Class”

  1. People think because it’s not a live service it won’t be the same. The devs already said they set it up to add seasonal events more content later as well if the game does good. It’s pretty much a live service game year one content the full year just not broke up and you get access to it strait out the box! The way they are doing the model I think might be the new way games evolve into instead of the shitty live service we get now… I’m a long time division 1-2 and destiny 1-2 player as well but so pumped for this game to come out!


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