Everything You Need To Know About OUTRIDERS

With Outriders: Worldslayer launching on June 30th, now is the absolute perfect time to don your Borealis Monarch gloves, equip …


37 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About OUTRIDERS”

  1. Really having a blast!!! Very much enjoying all the fresh content. Thanks so much!

    One request (that you have heard a million times I’m sure) loadouts or at least a gear lock! Thx!

  2. Here is idea for 5th class your welcome!! (Names are subjective 😂)

    Class: Electro / Electromancer
    Medium range mobility class. Uses Lighting.


    1: electroshock – throws a ball (moderate size very visible) at enemy that explodes and hits all enemies in a 10m radius doing X amount of anomaly damage and applying static shock(new status affect paralyze) for X amount of seconds. Does more damage per electro charge consumed.

    2: chain lighting – conjure lighting from hand that arch’s between enemies up to 10 enemies in a 5m radius from each target for X amount of anomaly damage. Each enemy hit creates Electro charge.

    3: Thunderfall – leap up into the air turning into a circle on ground (like doom fist overwatch ult) choosing location to land and cause a lighting explosion on landing. Like devastator fist to ground landing. Doing X amount of anomaly damage explosion on landing! Does more damage per Electro charge consumed.

    4: electro bullets- infuse your weapons with lighting increasing damage of weapons by X amount and applying (new status paralyze) on hit and doing X amount of bonus damage to paralyzed enemies! Builds 1 electro charge every 5 bullets used.

    5: Electro shield – puts a lighting shield(bubble) around self and Allie’s for X amount of seconds. Which absorb and causes lighting to power up self and Allie’s for The duration of the shield. Also applies (new status paralyze) to enemies who touch shield.

    6: lighting shift – infuse yourself with lighting anomaly. Causes your body to shift into lighting for X amount of seconds when you dodge (think phantom dash mod) shifting through enemies damages them for X amount of anomaly power! Each time you phase through a enemy you gain a stack of electro charge. Stacks up to 10x increasing your damage output by X percent with each charge. Lasting X amount of seconds.

    7: Thunderstorm – summon a storm of lighting causing damage over time in area for X amount of seconds. Builds 1 electro charge X amount of seconds (Applies new status paralyze) for duration of storm.

    8: Thunder beams – channel two beams from your eyes of lighting doing X amount of anomaly damage to target/ targets. Beams pass through enemies. Eye beam will do X amount of damage per each stack of Electro Charge.

    Some side notes I would put a passive in the skill tree that lets this class dodge work like the phantom dodge mod! And weapon tree have a passive that will cause damage to string to other enemies like the string of gauss mods to spread weapon damage for cleave for weapon builds with same animation. Aswell as have lighting whip built into weapon tree build!

  3. This YouTube channel is single-handedly the best company made video game YouTube channel it's simple effective explains a lot and the visuals are crispy and clean I'm always impressed with the videos really well made there's somehow in touch with the community and the experience of the players this is a master class of how you handle your content

  4. both this channel and its game creator needs more recognition btw… honestly, this game is mental. its boring without contents and they have small team but theyre definitely looking to keep this game running for a while like… i hope they will bring out raids system, trial is lit but we need more challenging enemies and more modes to actually keep this game up and running properly.

  5. Enjoyed Worldslayer so far, though my biggest criticism is that you have a super interesting story and "world" to work with, and yet, the story is always lack luster and way to damn short. 🙁 Tons of potential left on the floor. Oh well, i guess we're not really here for the story, just guns. 😛

  6. $47.69 Canadian for the Worldslayer upgrade on Steam so will pass for now but it looks great and I look forward to getting into it at a future point and when a few inevitable patches get released.

  7. I'm already playing the worldslayer DLC and jesus christ

    this endgame is insanely fun, I can't believe on how many build options you added!

    I gonna need another account to test and build all the gameplay feats I tested (and felt INCREDIBLE)

  8. Yeah, too bad they spent all this time working on a bullshit paid DLC and no effort went into improving the garbage P2P multiplayer system. It's 2022 and the game still uses peer-2-peer like it's 2001 Counterstrike.

  9. Honestly I didn´t love the game when it first launched. But you can tell that the developers behind it have put a lot of love into it. So I´ll check it out and give it a second chance. Whoever is in charge of this Youtube Channel deserves a medal. Great work.

  10. Why Release an outdated version of WorldSlayer On stadia and break cross-play. Please fix it asap. We don't want to wait 9 months again for a fix. For more context Stadia is on version 1.18 and PC and Consoles are on version 1.20. I am not sure what you guys were thinking.


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