Fastest way to gear up in Outriders for your level of challenge tier expeditions.

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In this outriders video, I am using a devastator build and showing how to get the best outriders gear for challenge tier 15 expeditions.
This is on pc and is not on xbox or ps5.
Outriders is a video game on pc, xbox, and playstation.


10 thoughts on “Fastest way to gear up in Outriders for your level of challenge tier expeditions.”

  1. Anyone remember the legend of G.Sager, the man so fast that the Titanfall 2 devs put his name on the top of their in-game time trial leaderboard? When the Titanfall 2 Beta came out I spent too much time trying to beat the trial to no avail, and the name "G.Sager" sitting over my head as I grasp at straws on how to beat the time. Enter Youtube. G.Sager is a real person with a channel and even has a video of the strategy he used to get his time! A true Legend… How far we have come…

  2. This method is pointless unless your already running CT12 or + . If your stuck being only able to run 6 or so the game doesn't reward enough to keep up with costs and trying to run higher and higher levels with just blues isn't helping you get a gold reward and you find yourself getting bronze and an occasionally silver which rewards shit.

  3. I was excited when I saw the title. I am 29 on my first character to get to 29, and I’ve beat the game. I am on challenge tier 3 and shit is destroying me. This video doesn’t help.


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