Forget Mage's Rage…THIS is the BEST AP Boosting Weapon Mod in Outriders!

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Are you still using Mage’s Rage? NOT ANYMORE! Here we have the best T3 mod for AP builds, hands down. Find out more inside!

00:00 – Intro
01:01 – Mage’s Rage/Deathronome Testing
09:13 – Outtro

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17 thoughts on “Forget Mage's Rage…THIS is the BEST AP Boosting Weapon Mod in Outriders!”

  1. This will not work for Pyro build that utilizes Backdraft node on Pax Tree. But I can see it being better for those that can keep two skills off cooldown on an AP build.

  2. I'm going to have to try it later how I test anomaly builds is on scorch lands , if you kill the last broodmother really fast the other monsters don't even spawn, and expedite ends . Thank you for the help ..

  3. Nice 😊. One more use case I think: if you are using skills that have more than one use, say Eruption x 3, then if you only use one skill (it will then go on cooldown, or not) before using Eruption x 3, the Eruptions will still be having the AP benefit from Deathonome. 😊 I have not tested that but in theory it should be the case

  4. It's actually not helpful for most AP builds since you will be using the skills most of the time once available your skills are available (not on cooldown), so it's kind of condradicting.

  5. This is misleading, it's not a fair comparison the way you did it. It's all relative, all depends, not as simple as you present it.

    Percentage increases like Mage's Rage and % AP nodes need flat bonus AP to get value. If you strip it all down to the minimum of course a flat increase will give more, because Mage's Rage doesn't have much to work with. Your test is skewed.

    Take a build with only Arms and Anomaly and Anomaly Echo for AP. Those two mods give little over 1 million bonus AP when active on level 75. Let's say it's even million. 40% of that is 400k, which is more AP than Deathronome gives on that level. So with no other % increases it would be better to have Mage's Rage.

    The more bonus AP a build has the better all those things that give percentage increases become, but the other way around is true as well, so it's important to have a good balance of both.

    It also depends on how the build itself plays. Very easy to have Deathronome give AP in camp and show that but in some builds it's just not feasible to have no or just 1 skill on cooldown and have it give AP when it actually matters.

    And in some of those builds that can reliably keep up that AP from Deathronome it might be best to have both of those mods if possible.

  6. Yeah I’ve been using deathronome ever since I got. Because I had gotten it before mages rage. And personally imo, I think mages rage is garbage! Combine deathronome with anomaly enhancement and you’re hanging n banging!

  7. Is there or can you make a video on changing mods on weapons because for some reason I can’t change mods o my weapons only. They are not locked, sorry if this is unrelated to this video. 🙏

  8. I rolled a crit, status, long range purple LMG with mages rage and anomaly enhancement and put dethtronme on my 1st mod slot im tier 35 120 ascension and I hit 5 000 000 to 32 000 000 on crits roughly with my current set up on my technomancer.


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