I love the Pyromancer | Outriders Montage

I love the Pyromancer | Outriders Montage
Join me as I showcase my fastest Boomtown clear yet in most likely the best version of my damn near perfect Pyromancer setup. Once I get in some more practice runs I can make some very decent world record attempts.

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9 thoughts on “I love the Pyromancer | Outriders Montage”

  1. Nah still sucks still dies when farted on. I have a gear score 50 pyromancer and I always go back playing Devastator with top tier and statue set and do a lot of damage but also don’t die. I am to no help to a team if I constantly die. I am with the devastator always last man standing if player in expeditions go don’t. I just finish it myself if I can’t pick up teammates. I don’t trust pyromancer to survive if I am last man standing with pyromancer u might as well start the expedition over.


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