I'm done with my Pyromancer | Outriders

I’m done with my Pyromancer | Outriders
Join me as we look at the final build(two different skill trees) I’ve settled on for CT15 farming.

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15 thoughts on “I'm done with my Pyromancer | Outriders”

  1. Lucky you, hundreds of hours on Pyro and no boots for Master Consumer.

    Stuck with Heatwave/Thermal Bomb – branded build until I get them. One legendary weapon left to drop, Funeral Pyre, so no shadow comet for me either.

  2. Keep the acari Boots and put on death sentence as second mod on them (ofc with acari pants too) it works really well even with 4 pieces of acari you can change the helmet tho for the anomaly echo onecaptain hunter is useless by the way

  3. "Everybody runs this."

    Not really something anyone should be saying about a game developed by people who claim to like build diversity – if they had actually designed their game with that in mind.

  4. That was fast! 😀 Another great video, keep up. Love your channel.
    Edit: Keep it up with Outriders since Biomutant seems to be an extremely generic buggy disappointment. If PCF does a good job with this patch they could bring back a lot of players that left the game.

  5. Funny I'm stuck with the boots as well. I just cannot get the pants to drop. Though early on i was stuck with the gloves so the boots were much better than the gloves. I may swap to double comets I'm running double moaning winds and I just don't like getting in that close with no defensive mods.

  6. I was running acari set with the gloves, the chest and boots alluded me forever. Let me tell you the gloves are the worst, the mods are NOT ideal and the roll is ass. I did a dance when the boots dropped over the weekend, 2 runs later the chest dropped.


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