Legendary Sets Tier List | Outriders New Horizon

Legendary Sets Tier List | Outriders New Horizon

Join me as we look at my tier list for all Outriders Legendary sets, updated with all latest patch changes and New Horizon.

00:00 Intro
01:15 Rating System and criteria
03:10 Acari Set
04:37 Borealis Monarch Set
07:09 Chronosuit Set
09:01 Deathproof Set
12:30 Edge of Time Set
15:04 Grim inventor Set
18:03 Marshal Set
20:32 Lava Lich Set
22:56 Plague Sower Set
25:04 Reforged Set
27:19 Seismic Commander Set
29:28 Statue Set
31:05 Torrential Downpour Set
33:21 Torturer Set
35:21 Trespasser Set
36:46 Ugake Otarah Set
39:15 Outro and Thanks

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14 thoughts on “Legendary Sets Tier List | Outriders New Horizon”

  1. It may be a long video but SUPER useful to give players an incentive on what sets to look for and use what mods they have to build on.

    I guess the ones that are weak or broken should be disassembled for the mods if at all useful really.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why the devs even created such set bonuses. They need a designated build designer to test and create various builds to see how effective the set bonuses can be.

  3. Hmm, now 15 minutes in and I don’t see Cannonball on the list and alphabetically you’re now at the Edge of Time set. Did you forget that one? I guess I’ll keep watching and see what happens.

  4. This video made it to my favorites list. I'll refer back to it as I expand into classes besides Trickster.

    I agree with your rankings for the most part, especially when I keep your selection criteria in mind. I'd only add that a 'weak' ranking doesn't mean a player can't create an off-meta, CT15 smasher with the set in question. For example, my Chronosuit build that I run on your stream maximizes the revert-time bonus and I never run out of ammo. I only use extra-mag for peace of mind. Actually, I'd move Chronosuit up one tier due to its healing and defensive ability… Torturer set was ranked as weak; I have a good CT15 build for that one, too… Cannonball is un-ranked; I have a CT15-capable build for that set too (not a smasher; capable).

    Where would you rank Cannonball, anyway? Why didn't you include it?

  5. I prefer the chronosuit set because you need to invest into the helm perk that does an AOE storm blast. That when ramped up in damage acts like slightly weaker version of moaning winds BUT while you’re running a firepower bullet build.

    I know others prefer the time rift skill but for me time rift and hunt the prey are just frustrating skills to use, maybe it’s a controller thing. For me, venator knife plus borrowed time, which also buffs the crap out of your shield and reloads on demand, makes me feel very comfortable being in the fray and unloading with death shield with dark sacrifice on it.

  6. Rename cyclone slice to blade vortex and make it pull in enemies from 15m. It’s a space time class, just make it happen and boom, you now have a decent well-rounded skill. This mf knocks back enemies, what a joke to a damage skill that’s supposed to tick away as they’re next to you. Then you could at least try to pair it with temp blade and maybe even time rift. Pull them in and/or deal damage, time rift with a little bit of pain and share damage, use temp blade to clean them up, rinse and repeat. Mix whatever mods you want between it. That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me. But cyclone slice is joke tbh. There’s no reason it should knock enemies away. I understand it’s a interrupt ability, but make it so you can pull enemies in from 15m (they can shoot/cast while being pulled) and just stagger them in place instead of knocking them back when dealing damage with the ability, it would make the skill actually worth using.

  7. Imagine the set bonus from reforged would make you send out 5 thermal bombs… That would be insane 😂 then exploded enemies would send out their own thermal bomb for 50% damage. Imagine the chain reactions 😂


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