LEGENDARY SNIPER! Outriders The Mindmugger Automatic Burst On Tier 15 Expedition

Outriders Legendary Sniper, The Mindmugger Is an Automatic Burst Option! Comes with Anomaly Mutation and Damage Link Mods! I offer a few recommendations for some stronger mods! The gun will be great for endgame DPS Builds!

Outriders Legendary Farm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J94EYvYDnE
Outriders Playlist w/ Legendary Weapons – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDFY6FhRwgbR3WU0P2qGHqsj5lbGTagoV

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18 thoughts on “LEGENDARY SNIPER! Outriders The Mindmugger Automatic Burst On Tier 15 Expedition”

  1. I hope I get sergios beret soon I need a morale booster especially after my accolade level was reset last night I was 4 away from level 28 and someone joined my expedition my game crashed then I logged back on and was accolade level 1

  2. My first 5 Legos were either rifles, or sniper rifles, and this was one of them. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it is a cool mod, and weapon. There are way better ones, but it’s still cool to use.

  3. Another perk of the burst sniper is that the first round will apply your debuffs and the following 2 will do increased damage. I switched to Assault Rifle with a burst fire for exactly that reason but I found a Mind Mugger today and I'm eager to try it out!

  4. At the very least you give me something to think about when I pay Zahedi a visit in between his daily kidnappings …

    Edit: I discovered that throwing an ultimate bullet mod (burning, but I suspect any status would do), and started spraying a mob of adds with it ,and the multiplication and mutation does work, does work quick , I had nearly every status on them by the time my mag emptied.

    And those status were burning them down fast due to my focus on status power and anomaly, as well as my technomancer specing into bottom tree 40% toxic for 30% longer, as well as middle tree Exposing Frost putting vulnerable on in addition to freeze , and Marked for Execution Execution making vulnerable 40% percent more effective.


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