Let's make FASER BEAM great again | Outriders Worldslayer

Let’s make FASER BEAM great again | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me and Let’s make FASER BEAM great again in Outriders Worldslayer

00:00 Intro
00:42 Build Showcase
03:34 Weapons
06:29 Armor and Mods
14:26 Skills and Rotation
15:55 Class Tree
18:18 PAX Choices
20:08 Ascension Points
21:23 Outro and Thanks

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15 thoughts on “Let's make FASER BEAM great again | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. Good stuff @TFM.. I got a similar build instead of ash blast I use overheat… I'm trying to get lava lich pieces so I can use ash blast cause I was using this build and deleted a couple of pieces… so I had to run with overheat but my set up does fucking great damage… I can't upload on discord cause it's saying I need to pay 10 bucks.. how else would I be able to show you besides discord?

  2. Feed the flame, Volcanic Rounds, and Faser beam have been my bread and butter for 25 apocalypse levels and tons of expeditions. I have tons of Legendary armor pieces but so far Im only using purple apocalypse gear. I may not clear rooms in lightspeed fashion, but I never die. Pyro was my least favorite class at first, but now Pyromancer is life! Love the vids,keep up the good work.

  3. I love your channel and your builds, but imo my build is better. I use all purples currently with a ronins helmet so every armor piece I have has AP, status and CDR. My weapon is an lmg 150 rounds with claymore and deathronome and I use volcanic rounds instead of heatwave. I can literally put 1 bullet into every enemy and the burn kills and I can practically 1 shot every tanky enemy with my fazerbeam. My skill tree is pretty much similar to yours starting in the bottom, moving up top and completing in middle with the exception that I grab the armor/resistance piercing in top tree instead of the cooldown mods

  4. Its interesting to see you play Pyro
    I play Pyro and i must had alot of luck in gear
    I never active farm for a specific item, i just equipt what i thought was good and adjust mods to my spec
    I melt everything in my way and solo everything the game have to offer
    My accension lvl is 80 something and gear is at 67
    I use eruption as main ability
    I kill Dr Detonator more then less insta
    Hes falling before he even dmg me

  5. I run a similar build using thermal bomb to debuff and also apply burn. I have two pieces of lava lich and everything else epic with status anomaly cdr I’ve been destroying apoc 31 so far.. the grind to 40 is pretty brutal


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