MORE MASSIVE OUTRIDERS LEGENDARY LEAKS! 10 NEW Legendary Weapons! NEW Leaks! | Outriders!

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11 thoughts on “MORE MASSIVE OUTRIDERS LEGENDARY LEAKS! 10 NEW Legendary Weapons! NEW Leaks! | Outriders!”

  1. Keep in mind there are tons of additional legendary weapons past the 30 I have went over in the 3 videos going over the leaked weapons. There are gonna be a ton of weapons and mods to collect.

  2. I'm kinda bummed ATM, my Demo seems to be bugged.

    4 chars at max for the demo.

    Done the captain farms this week about 80 to 100 runs got 0 Legendaries,

    Iv'e found that the Payback side mission in the demo is on Permanent, it doesn't reset, can't abandon it and can't track it, un-like every other mission and side mission i can replay then when asked/prompted.

    This one side mission doesn't have that option, (it's as though i haven't played or completed it yet.

    PS: you have a new Sub here, i like your info .

  3. Spirit Hunter looks fun. I'm not sure that I would personally like it on the devestator just because it may cause role confusion in multiplayer games. I hope they have assigned legendaries to enemies when the game comes out. If they don't then farming will be aweful

  4. 9:53 you should distance yourself from damage numbers since every other gun in this showcase is lvl 52 while this one is only 40 obviously the numbers are gonna be much lower. Aswell as a gun with 100k damage might be a gun of a pyro with 10 million anomaly power while the weak one could be from a tank devastator


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