Outriders 100% Episode 18 [Pyro]

Hello and welcome to episode 18 of my new series Outriders 100%. I will be playing as a pyromancer in this run. Each episode is a part of a livestream that was live on Twitch. If you want to see me live join me at twitch.tv/zboy896 below is my schedule.

Current Schedule Pacific Standard Time
Sunday Assassin’s Creed 3 100% 1pm-3pst
Friday Skyrim 100% 1pm-3pst
Saturday Outriders 100% 1pm-3pst

In this episode we complete the main mission Frequency before I end the stream. I will wrap up Eagle Peaks and explore the next area in the next stream.

This is a game I wanted to stream at launch but because I was streaming other games at the time I couldn’t do it. In this series, I will obtain every collectable, complete every side quest, complete all main quests, get every achievement in the game. As per usual, if you feel there is something I should get let me know in the comments.


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