Outriders Anomaly Technomancer No Ammo No Problem AoE Build Guide

Outriders Anomaly Technomancer No Ammo No Problem AoE Build Guide
Welcome to my Anomaly Technomancer No Ammo, No Problem AoE Build Guide. With this build guide you will be able to get up close and personal with Elite enemies, put down some serious AoE damage, and take on the hardest content this game has to offer with CT15 gold runs.

This build does utilize the Torrential Downpour gear set and Scrapnel which others have covered before. But as those of you who have watched my content will know I don’t follow the herd. This build has a unique class tree, skills, and mods which combine to make you the ultimate demolition man.

Thanks to Trap Daddy for coming up with the idea that led to this build.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:55 Class Tree
0:03:10 Skills
0:03:45 Gear and Mods
0:07:57 Summary

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  1. Welcome to my latest technomancer build guide. Sorry it has taken a while to get this video out – a trip to the hospital derailed my plans. Let me know any comments that you have on the build here!


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