Outriders best budget anomaly pyromancer build – easy to make to clear CT13 CT14 CT15 no tier 3 mods

Outriders best budget anomaly pyromancer build – easy to make to clear CT13 CT14 CT15 no tier 3 mods
Here gamers is a great anomaly build budget pyromancer that also has inferno rounds so best of both worlds.
Straight up amazing for clearing content easy, leveling or doing expeditions CT13 CT14 and some CT15 to gold
Absolutely insane for clearing content if you are on a budget and struggling to gear up without any legendary loot weapons or armor.
This build is easy and fast to put together any pyro that is struggling in outriders to clear content and wants to make a nice anomaly build then have a look at this budget build guide you won’t be disappointed.

00:00 Intro
01:56 Gameplay footage
04:15 Gear armor and weapons and mods
12:31 Skills and rotation
14:13 Skill tree
18:24 Outro


10 thoughts on “Outriders best budget anomaly pyromancer build – easy to make to clear CT13 CT14 CT15 no tier 3 mods”

  1. Thank you for this. I have been struggling with different builds working on getting rest of Acari sets to no avail. I put 3 Heatwaves and got rid of Debris. I haven’t felt so powerful. I have not dropped once in past 3 runs (coop) with such high survivability. Fully spec’d out especially in all my cool down reduction and I just spam Heatwaves all day! Love it. I will continue on with this build until the Acari anomaly build is mine. Thank you!!!

  2. I was going to give up on this game with all its problems and I have not made a Pyromancer.
    After losing with the wipe problem 2 fully modded chars that worked fine which I deleted after 3 weeks of waiting= bad move I guess and was really disheartened with the game.
    So I was going to throw this game into the bin due to its overwhelming problems Lag issues death by nothing lol and so much more which can be really bad on the PS5 even though super internet low latency the usual.

    Then I came across this video you done @Sofa Superstar Gaming and guess what mate – your content in this Video IGNITED me < pun included.
    I think I will try this and go for a pyro & follow the build to see if it will Explode and Fire me back up into this game.
    Time will tell!
    Thanks mate also great content and that is an honest cockney London bloke telling ya — You are Pukka mate!

  3. There is a mod I think it’s called mark of the pyromancer. If you kill a enemy marked by a pyromancer you gain 10 percent resistance and some armor and it’s stacked 3 times. Is that any good? I see people use circle of life and it basically does the same thing except it’s when you cast a skill. But I don’t see anyone use the mark of the pyromancer so is it any good?

  4. Loving the Vids and appreciate all your hard work with the Pyro builds. I have 3 piece Acari but it's the helm, legs and boots (the chest never drops for me!!) Using the boots I lose the Anomaly power but gain some back with the set bonus, from your testing would I be better using a budget build like this or sticking with the 3 piece using the boots??


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