Outriders | BEST Budget AP Trickster Build for Climbing – NO T3 Mods NO Legendaries

Budget Trickster build for climbing and CT15.
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The goal of this series is to show you the EASIEST way of climbing challenge tiers with NO LEGENDARIES and NO TIER 3 MODS. That is all I care about, getting you to CT15 as easily as possible so you can enjoy the game and make whatever dope builds you want.

This video will be showcasing a budget anomaly trickster build in Outriders. It’s a fairly common build but I wanted to prove that you can use it to CT15! Budget == No legendaries and no tier 3 mods, however you are more than welcome to use tier 3 mods in your own build.

Hopefully by following my budget trickster guide you will be able to easily climb challenge tiers in Outriders.

Mandatory mods in my opinion – Untamed Power, the 3 temporal blade mods, Martial Artist

For defensive mods I would highly recommend Emergency Stance. It provides a 65% damage reduction and will save your life. It also is possibly bugged right now and lasting way longer than it should. This build operates fine without it but again I am trying to get you to CT15 as EASILY AS POSSIBLE so there is ZERO REASON not to use it. If anyone says otherwise they are out of their mind.

Emergency Stance Alternatives – Perseverance shield, Damage Absorber, Borrowed time mod that provides 130k armor + 30% resistance.

If you want to you can swap cyclone spin for borrowed time if you want additional survivability. I just wanted to be a beyblade. If you do then definitely swap for the borrowed time mod! The build works totally fine without cyclone spin.

All you’re going to do is spam melee attacks, hunt the prey and temporal blade so that you’re constantly keeping up the 130% anomaly power bonus. Untamed Power is going to give you a ton of extra damage due to your low cooldowns. If you don’t want to cyclone spin then just run borrowed time and keep spamming melees.

For climbing maps, chem plant is fantastic up until CT14, then switch to Archways for an easy gold into CT15.

0:00 Build Overview
11:15 Final Clear to CT15
25:20 Damage Summary

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