Outriders Best Class So Far & Current Issues with the Game

Outriders Best Class So Far & Current Issues with the Game | Ginger Gaming Radio
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Ginger Prime is a Video Game Channel that loves to talk about Video Games. Here you will find a focus on ARPGs (Action RPGs) like PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2), Anthem, Outriders, and more multiplayer RPGs that I’m excited to share. This channel will focus in on news and guides, so if you need any help, just let me know.

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34 thoughts on “Outriders Best Class So Far & Current Issues with the Game”

  1. Motion blur is a common tool used by developers to hide either framerate/model tears or model/animation inequalities. This info is brought to you by facts pulled directly from my ass. Sounds legit though.

  2. Yeah the aiming mechanics are buns tbh like I’ll stop moving the stick and for some reason my character is still moving I thought maybe it was my controller but I went and play r6 and I didnt notice this

  3. If they would add dark souls style PvP it would make it last a hell of a lot longer. Don't change any of the gear or abilities, fuck what people think is balanced. Just let people kill each other if they want to and have fun.

  4. Motion blur ads and immersion but they always fucking overdo it and clearly they don’t understand how to set things because as his mansion the sensitivity for controllers is way too high starting out as is the motion blur I mean it’s its way overboard it’s like at the top of the scale

  5. There are no skill combos there’s no benefit to stringing together multiple abilities rather not skills there they’re absolutely are no ability combos call the clearest want to talk about is a Pyro Manser the first three abilities you get one is a damage over time ability one is a crowd control ability and one is an inner of debility that can lead into an AOE a fact and yeah you know actually the first one is an airway a fact that also does damage over time and it’s called an hour tonight in ignites them on fire but they don’t have any synergy when used together other than your piling a bunch of shit on all at once

  6. But why waste your time bro swipe on actually killing shit inside of a temporal bubble when you could just shock on it all down and save that swipe for when you’re in a bad situation and need to heal or when you have a boatload of shit right in front of you and you get it for five critters at once

  7. Yeah the flavors are a perfect example of that dark yes either on site laser going off to your left or you’re right so you probably about to take a shot in the moment your head comes out there laser no disappears because you’re getting yet they’re not back by their shop it’s just uncanny how you know immediately anchor if they are

  8. Again not a live service game so I don’t expect to see any new classes or any new content what do you buy for $60 and April one is going to be what you’re going to get barring in I’ll bug fixes them in a balancing

  9. Dude every character has a leave attack and a punch in the tank has an actual jolt where are you can target some thing in and we from across the screen the transfer has a teleport ability that let you teleport behind somebody across the screen how many more ways do you want to close the distance especially given the other two classes are not up close and personal fighters you shouldn’t be up close and personal with a Pyro Manser or The techno man serve

  10. People there’s one cut scene OK I am by one I mean there’s a whole bunch of wine cut scenes they’re all 30 FPS and everyone of us on a reply at farmers looking at the same cut scene and yes they have a shaky camera in the cut scene two which is you know yet another thing that is not going to get fixed because it would require them re-doing every cut scene in the game

  11. I’ve got at least oh I don’t know I have I have leveled up all four classes to level seven world tier 5 twice and I have not crashed or seen any bugs other than the shaky camera filter that used on the cut scenes and yes the audio Dsync

  12. Yeah they’re checking cameras the one thing they’re not gonna be able to fix it would require redoing all the codes since it’s off of filter they used when I made the cut scenes when I recorded them and quite frankly it’s really not an issue in the normal gameplay it’s just an issue when you’re running around inside the base

  13. Yeah nobody’s gonna play this game for 2000 hours I mean seriously you’re going to get to the expeditions they are going to get incredibly fucking hard and then you’re gonna realize the only reason you’re doing expeditions to get gear so you can do more expeditions and you’re gonna move onto another game

    Those people that think that they’re going to get more content they are making it clear this is not a game as a service that means they’re going to charge us 60 bucks they’re going to do a little bit of rafter really support like fixing bugs and fixing features that are fucked like putting in a switch to turn off or turn down motion blur but I doubt there’s going to ever be any new guns any new classes or any new content of any sort no season passes no I’m seasonal a Vance nothing the game is going to be when it releases ass and less there’s so much community demand that they really have no choice financially but they put out a DLC like remnant. Round that was supposed to be one and done but it was so well received and there was so much demand they ended up putting out two more DLC’s at least I think they stopped at two because the the second DLC it was kind of the end of the story

  14. This is a game that you’re gonna play until you get bored and then you’re gonna go on at that new title for a while and when you finish that are you on board with that you’re gonna come back and play this some more it’s not going to keep your attention for one again as I’m not dealing with this service there will be an old season pass your most typical method to pause people to continue to play and grind a game is the desire to get all those season pass items before the season ends this game is going to have that there’s no draw to stay here when you’re all finished doing the story and you came of got disillusioned by how difficult expeditions get and it’s not a great game for going back and grinding since you actually at the condo you know glitch to grind it all to shit doesn’t respond unless you want to go through the menus over and over and go back to the base and get a new quest every so often you Kaina have to just grind a boss by killing him and dying

  15. This is going to be a day one success but like a year and a half two years from now nobody’s gonna be talking about it at all

    I’ve also watched a ton of video on this and I’ve seen a lot of people who seem to misunderstand what it means they think that it’s not gonna be alive for us that means there’s gonna be no cash app selling paid away and I don’t know if they don’t realize is that without that cash job making them are continuing get all revenue then there’s not gonna be any additional content either

  16. Guys this game this demo has two parts one it’s a marketing tool but secondly it’s also a tool to allow them to balance servers him fix minor box things like that it’s a lot of games call this I actually load test OR a open beta Davis called in a demo and they said it’s going to be permanent but initially it’s giving them like 30 days to see the game running with a load

  17. Nobody’s making games like that anymore really that don’t require the Internet not games anybody wants to play I mean they have to be able to fix the box because again like you all said nobody’s perfect developers make mistakes and I have to be able to fix all the differences whether a company actually does or not and like somebody mentioned destiny still has bugs I’ve got but if you want to play destiny want it still has bugs

  18. Guys if you looked at how expeditions work if they had in new contact it’s going to be expeditions right and the likelihood that you’re ever going to get through all the expeditions is pretty limited unless you want to keep yourself run and get the lowest difficulty I mean can you imagine fighting shit 20 levels above you you and the gear you have is level 30 and you’re fighting shit level 50 that’s gonna be some difficulty

  19. It’s not a distinction it’s a fact destiny has shared areas in it has some world events but it all admittedly now only six people can attend but it has all kinds of collaborative stuff where it simulates or tries to make you believe you’re playing like oh MMO when you’re really not you’re just playing are kind of a hybrid co-op game but it has explorable areas where there are all kinds of sandbox and things for you to do this game does not have that this game has a literal linear story with linear set I am in linear level design this is like you said very Similar to remnant him in its structure the looters different quite a bit different all although it does have the key and I’ll mods on weapons that you can change like round it is very similar to Romney not at all similar to destiny except in the appearance of the loot and the character sheet and all that stuff

  20. I watch a lot of these videos and cable are always talking about this game in that game and comparing it to either the division or destiny generally speaking the only thing any of these games have in common is they have guns I mean this game is not like destiny at all and quite frankly the free portion of Besley doesn’t really have any questing not much anyway that introductory segment but that they are not similar games


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