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Outriders is a looter shooter developed by People Can Fly. You will have a choice between 4 different classes and a story driven campaign and full blown endgame content. Lets explore the best ways to farm in this game as you are progressing through the game and in the endgame.

Xbox: https://amzn.to/3iVSm7P
PS4: https://amzn.to/2YpgCG8
PS5: https://amzn.to/3oz4bSU
PC: https://outriders.square-enix-games.com/en-gb/

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4 thoughts on “Outriders BEST FARM For GARUANTEED EPIC & LEGENDARY Loot!”

  1. Good stuff. I was actually shying away from the monster hunts until yesterday. They are definitely quick, not that difficult, and totally worth it with all the loot. I'm not even at max level yet

  2. I have 4x L30s with all WT15 and Expedition 10+ on each.

    Here's the method I used:
    1) Do the campaign on WT3, only doing primary quests (4 hours) you will finish around L26.
    2) Join random expedition games, you will often drop into existing runs, do this until you get level 44 gear (2 hours)
    3) Open your map and clear all monster hunts from right to left. Leave World Tier to auto level, each clear takes 30 mins and in that time you will get: 1x WT, heaps of epics to choose your favourite stat rolls and enough materials to level gear up and a guaranteed set piece at the end. Then reset the hunts, rinse and repeat to WT15.
    4) You now have a Level 44+ character, World Tier 15, Expedition 10+ character pimped out in best in slot gear, around 10-15+ legendarys (guaranteed from hunt clears +WT12-15) 10000s of resources and you can drop back into expedition farming without having to stop to farm materials.

    It's efficient.

    – Note: the reason I do hunts right to left is so I end on the snow map. I find a full Hunt clear will leave you on 95-98% of a world tier, once I finish the last hunt I walk outside town and clear there for 1 min so I ding the next WT which means the legendary I get from completion doesnt need to be upgraded as much to maintain parity.

  3. Hey I came across 3 neutral legendary gear that I never seen before till now. If you have a email I can screenshot them and send them to you and you could cover them in a video if you like. I'm farming for a few more today so if I find anything new I can add it. Just wanted to share with you


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