Outriders Countdown to Release with @ChaosprimeZ YT @Rurikhan & Johny Mac

Outriders Countdown to Release with @ChaosprimeZ YT @Rurikhan & Johny Mac | Ginger Prime
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What’s are our Day 1 plans for Outriders for the Demo this month
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Ginger Prime is a Video Game Channel that loves to talk about Video Games. Here you will find a focus on Multiplayer and ARPGs (Action RPGs) like PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2), Anthem, Outriders, Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo, Torchlight 3, and more multiplayer RPGs that I’m excited to share. This channel will focus on news and guides, so if you need any help, just let me know.

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21 thoughts on “Outriders Countdown to Release with @ChaosprimeZ YT @Rurikhan & Johny Mac”

  1. Chaos desperately needs to do something about his audio.

    That aside, great video, I'm really looking forward to trying out the demo (Trickster and Techno) and seeing if this game can breathe new life into the genre.

  2. Link is busted for me on mobile.
    pyro is my least interested,
    Techno is my most interested.
    I will be streaming via Scarlett to twitch. Something That is gonna keep me glued to outriders other than the stats and powers along the story that i don't find to even that "cringe" compared to borderlands is….the gore and body horror of the world it self. Watch annihilation with Natalie Portman and i sorta get a feel of that with this game.

  3. Looking forward to this game but leaving expectations low. To many times have I been disappointed. Two issues (one large and one small) that I have are communications and skins.
    Communications is a large issue with cross play. I prefer chat over anything.

    Skins/armor look a little weak ascetically but I’ve only seen the one.

  4. Can you between different shoulder views when aiming? Or are you perpetually stuck with the ‘right-shoulder’ view? Sometimes you need to switch to the left side. I’ve watched so many videos but I haven’t seen it happen in gameplay.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Destiny 1 the FIRST game to hock it's self as what would BECOME known as 'Games as a Service'?
    The original '10 year game' plan was HYPED at the time because, for a long time, the worst thing about a game was that it ended…

  6. I'm so excited for the story of this game and where that goes. On top of that it looks like we are getting a solid looter out of this. This game looks like it could be the foundation of something great. I just hope and game doesn't turn into bullet sponge enemies and allows us to build out and make us feel powerful. I hope it takes a solid grind to get there but not too much

  7. I can honestly say that all the classes genuinely look interesting, fun to play, and useful. I'm most interested in the Pyromancer with the Technomancer and Devastator being 2 and 2A as far as my interests go. Above all, it's fun to play and had a good community of people to play with

  8. when i played destiny 2, i played titan because i wanted to be a heavy armor juggernaut brawling in close quarters, then i realized that the classes are basically all the same stat wise because the game was balanced around PvP
    now, it looks like I'll be able to play that heavy armor juggernaut as devastator, so im really looking forward to the demo release


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