OUTRIDERS Demo Review – Why It's Better Than Most Looters Right Now

outriders demo review
outriders demo impressions
outriders vs anthem
outriders vs remnant from the ashes
Outriders vs division 2
Outriders demo

00:00 Intro
00:39 The Negative
02:58 The Positive
03:53 What makes it better than division 2 right now

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50 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS Demo Review – Why It's Better Than Most Looters Right Now”

  1. I think the cut scene all the different types of loading was because of new gen consoles. With the up grade, those scene will enter and able to load faster when playing on a PS5 for example. It’s just my theory, currently playing on a PS4 so wondering if any ps5 gamers notice a big difference or am I crazy?

  2. I love the difficulty scale, having a huge issue getting past a section, no problem drop it down a tier finish, can put it back with having to restart, or go back to a check point. For me that’s huge, since I hate challenge and I am old. Lol.. I’m buying at launch, I absolutely love love looter shooters and one like this I can see myself playing for 1000 hrs if the worlds end still has good loot.

  3. One last thing, I hope unless I missed it, that you could keep a uniform or a cosmetic way to keep a look you like but still upgrade the armor. I hate having to change to a look I hate just to get the higher armor score etc.. that’s it last one, sorry for all the comments..

  4. Remnant is free on ps plus in about 5 days. Just get that instead. Sorry bro but gotta disagree for once, the PVE in D2 is repetitive because we've played it to death but everyone admits that it's still a great experience until you get to end game. We don't even know what outrider end game will be, too early to be saying better than D2 already.

  5. I def agree with all your negative but also the cover to cover feels clunky alot of times its a delay to my button presses to take cover i hope they fix that and make the cover solid and snappy like gears and division 2

  6. It seems like everyone is having different experiences with this demo, regardless of platform or hardware. Cover to cover is trash. Half the time it doesn't even work. There are multiple instances of clearly having cover to use, but you can't. The gunplay is clunky as hell. The movement was more smooth in the original MGS game than it is in Outriders. The double tap dodge system on a keyboard is ridiculous to use and barely functions. Constant loading sequences for every part of the game. The only part of this that feels good are the skills. It's pretty bad when Anthem felt more fluid to play, simply because we all know how much of a dumpster fire that was.

  7. Another point about the sensitivity. I noticed on PC that the slower I moved my mouse, the higher the sensitivity would be. Like, if I move my mouse 12 inches really fast for example, I'll turn 450 degrees. But, if I move my mouse 12 inches really slow, I'll turn 720 degrees. It just feels really odd and inconsistent and makes it hard to get any sort of muscle memory for the aiming.

  8. Bruh people saying this is anthem just without flying doesn’t mean that’s bad. Yes anthem was a bad game but anthems gameplay is actually really good. It was just the amount of content that screwed anthem. They had nothing in the endgame so it failed.

  9. First of all bro, i like the new logo, concerning the game I personally give this demo 7/10 and i share the same thoughts, and what i didn't like the most actually is the cover system sometimes it doesn't function as it should be i think they should fix it because this game send armies of enemies to u so you should be able to cover yourself, other then that i also wish the demo was a bit longer, and fun fact actually people managed to drop legendary weapons which is something that games don't give u access too in a demo, finally for me I'm convinced that this is a good game and i will most definitely pre order it regardless of the issues that it has because i want to support this studio for what they are doing, so they can keep u this good work.

  10. So far I like the
    -Voice acting
    -The characters (so far)
    -Gameplay (the feeling of "oh shit oh shit, oh wait I can heal by killing them")
    -I also like the cut scene in all honesty, BUT GOD DAMN SO MANY PEOPLE GET SHOT IN FRONT OF U

    Don't like
    -Some of the weapon types,
    (The shut guns don't feel impactful)

  11. I like it Verry much. For sure that this game can give me much hours of entertainment. The fact that it is a finished product makes it even better. So you don't have to worry what will the next season will bring you. It's like what the studios did before life service games came out you pay one time and you get the whole package not paying over and over again at the end you get more for less. I will buy it it's a good and fun game to add to my lootershooter library and can give me allot of hours of fun.

  12. Outriders has better loot, better rpg system, better AI enemies, better bosses, better story, better gunplay and less broken than any of the looter shooter on market right now….and it's just demo.

  13. I haven't even played the demo but this review is what I was waiting for. Performance issues is always a downer for me and hopefully they will fix it. However I saw some footage from another content creator and the cinematic scenes were driving me crazy. I'm still gonna wait for a couple of weeks after full release and then make a decision if I should buy or not. Seems these days I'm not buying games like I used too.


    I understand the need to not judge the game and compare it to other aaa games.

    BUT, they should have marketed "THEIR GAME" and not use talking points that throw jabs at the aaa games. They opened themselves up for that area of criticism.

    When you say this will not be a "Live Service Game" – You are taking shots at Destiny 2, Division 2 and Borderlands.

    When you throw talk about end game content and press down on that – You are also throwing jabs at Destiny 2 and The Division 2.

    One of the devs even said "Maybe people don't have 300 hours to grind for an item" – Well, we all know the most grindy games in looter shooters include Warframe, Destiny and Division 2.

    Sorry, brother, they can't escape that one. If they had just shut their snarky mouths (lol) and marketed their game as their own game, they would have been fine.

    Now, not only would they have to be judged on Gears of War movement, they will also get judged on being a Destiny look alike and their content quantity will be judged against the amount of content in The Division 2. It was a marketing error. They should learn from it.

    Lets take an example from Ubisoft. They will literally make your game and not even tell anyone they are making your game.

    Immortal Fenyx Rising is a Zelda ripoff – but they never marketed the game with any jabs thrown at Zelda Breath of the wild. They just talked about their open world and story and puzzles like no other game has done it before.

    AC Odyssey is literally the Witcher in Greece – But Ubi just went along with their vision as if no one else has ever made the game before.

    The Division is basically Diablo with guns. Even Hamish worked with the Diablo team back in the day, but you never hear much about it.

    Watch how they market Star Wars. They will pretend as if EA never even existed. This is how you market a game that is literally copying other games.

    So, People can fly should concentrate on the Outriders title and not the other titles out there.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I had to get it off my chest.😂

  15. There's a cutscene just to go outside the camp… Is there a cutscene when you leave the white house or BoO in D1 AkA Post Office of NYC? Nope. But I still love this game and will buy it. Doesn't feel like a $60 game based off the demo but maybe.

  16. I didn't find anything good in this game. I don't care if it's a AAA or a AA. The game was boring, with bad graphics, boring looking armors and weapons and the environment was very bland. The character didn't have any weight to it while moving and omfg what's with the camera shaking? Made me dizzy after only a few seconds. The abilities don't make sense. In cutscenes the character has force push abilities. Why don't I have those ingame too?

  17. Excuse me Sir, but you forgot one thing, this game costs 59.99 – the cost of the AAA game. Your argument that this is a AA developer and AA game is absolutely wrong. If the game costs 59.99 I expect the quality to be AAA.

  18. Good move highlighting the bad as a reference for later. I'm on a crappy graphics card so I can't complain much lol.
    One of my most annoying issues is custom keybinds not being consistent. Sometimes they work, or they don't.

    Cutscenes, I actually don't mind Cutscenes. I love them. Made me realise I didn't have much connection to story in the other games. And they're really going for it. But agree… Can be much for some people.

    Would never say its a killer of Div2 or Destiny 2, but wow I'm really loving it for what it is. It's not supposed to 'beat' those games.
    Pacific Rim was like this… It absolutely nailed being a 'Robots vs Monsters' movie. And it wasn't trying to be more than that.. That's what made it so good. People trying to compare it to more established franchises completely missed the point.

    I hope they fix what they can by launch.. But I'm already sold.. The class system is the best I've seen in a while!

  19. So in Outriders Lore: Human/Altered hybrid are the Exos in Destiny's Lore. The Altered are the Guardians according to the other races(mainly the fallen) perspective. And the Humans are just humans. 🤔🤓

  20. The fact this is just a demo and people are farming putting 30-40+ hours in says a lot already! Not to mention the devs have actually been taking feedback to make it better and something we can enjoy! I like that dlc is entirely up to the player base, meaning if we stick around they'll add on, and won't if the base declines.


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