Outriders Devastator DPS Build Statue Set – Best Damage Output, But Flawed

The most powerful op character in outriders! The Devastator! While the Statue Set isn’t quite working perfectly it still pumps out an unholy amount of damage. Dps Statue set build has the most damage output I’ve seen in this game, but lack of stagger output really nerfs it. Statue set build melts brood mothers in under 3 seconds but all around still will not be as powerful as the Devastator Seismic Commander bleed build. This build is a great setup to run while farming for seismic commander gear, and also it has to be good at team play, especially if you are playing with a dps gun technomancer, pyromancer, or trickster dps rounds build. You will buff your technomancer, pyromancer, trickster friends to have a crazy amount of dps. IF the statue set buffs are properfly applied to your allies. I have not always loved the Outriders Devastator Build Focusing on DPS but the statue set looks amazing and the damage out dps of this outriders devastator build is the best build in the high damage dps department. Briefly discuss my thoughts on the devastator class and then cover my newly revised Outriders devastator statue set build which is an absolute beast of a dps dealer! This outriders devastator best statue set dps build uses statue set buffs baulderdash tremor and golem. Keywords to follow. Statue set devastator build is op but gl finding the necessary legendaries. This guide will explain how to get the most out of your state set devastator build in a balanced way which equals nice clear times on ct15 expeditions, without much fear of dying! If you are looking for a fun high damage dps build for your outriders devastator, look no further! Thanks to people can fly on the latest outriders patch, I also got a completely useless god roll weapon for the second player appreciation package, worthless, but still very cool. I am glad pcf is still updating this game with patch even though the player appreciation package was one god rolled gun that i probably will never use. Still appreciated!
-II Made

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00:00 – Intro + Seriously, look at these Pance
00:36 – Pros and cons of statue DPS build
02:45 – FASTEST Brood Mother Kill EVER, maybe
03:12 – Endless Mass never fails
04:45 – GEAR!!!
07:31 – So close, yet so far
08:48 – SUBSCRIBE! & Fu#$ that bird.


2 thoughts on “Outriders Devastator DPS Build Statue Set – Best Damage Output, But Flawed”

  1. Yo cool vid, been trying to make a shootie rock boy work for awhile, and its hard. No pun intended.

    That mod for shooting while absorbing bullets is broken, at least on ps5. Venomous perfero can one-shot while that skill(+mod) is active. Stay classy dude.


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