Outriders Developer Update on Bugs, XBOX demo Update, and All Cover System Issues | OUTRIDERS NEWS

Outriders Xbox update
Outriders cover system update
Outriders Dev update
Outriders items disappearing
Outriders inventory disappear
Outriders issues
Outriders problems
Outriders disappearing items

00:00 Intro
00:22 Xbox & Item Disappearance
00:40 Major Cover issues

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24 thoughts on “Outriders Developer Update on Bugs, XBOX demo Update, and All Cover System Issues | OUTRIDERS NEWS”

  1. Even tho that this game is not s cover based game, i should be able to cover myself if im overwhelmed with storming enemies, that's the main point that the devs should take into account, i will myself if i die while im behind cover and it's not working.

  2. I haven't had any issues with cover for the most part but disappearing items I have . However a couple of day ago I was kicked off xbox due to maintenance and since then haven't noticed anything missing.

  3. I've personally been having cover issues so I'm glad they're addressing it, I can't snap into cover even tho I'm right next to a wall or when I roll into something I would like to snap into cover in a quick transition but it doesn't allow that, you gotta actually wait until it prompts you at the bottom of the screen that you can take cover and that's annoying so I'm glad they're addressing this

  4. Honestly as someone that played the insider program and beat the game. I never once complained about the cover system once I figured out that need to be aggressive and rarely used cover in the game. I hate getting stuck on things or not being able to climb up or drop off an area but that's it. I used cover simply to let my health go back up when I couldn't get a kill to restore it.

  5. you dudes over farming the demo don't come back here complaining when you burn out and run out of content after launch

    you did this to yourselves and dlc will take 5 months minimum

    you've been warned, get a few other ongoing games and get a life in the meantime

  6. if you enter outriders thinking u need to use cover and shooting first, you are playing it wrong and u will not have a good time. this is a skill first, shoot second thatcdont need to much cover at all to play it as designed.

  7. Been grinding the demo nonstop, thing is i haven’t gotten bored at all. Even when just farming the captain. Idk what it is about the gameplay but it keeps me enticed. Ive maxed out every class and rn im stuck between pyro and trickster cause they are both so cool and incredibly powerful.

  8. Hey guys, anyone has read the tread on Reddit called : Breaking the Game and Damage Scaling? Seems that some damage is multiplicative and one of them for the Trickster is going to be 10x better than any other builds… Any thoughts on that?

  9. Let’s be real… this game would’ve died so fast if they didn’t release this demo and didn’t delay the game. The inventory issue would’ve destroyed people can fly’s reputation. I’m so glad things are looking so promising and going in the right direction. Pre-ordered on Xbox to support the devs.

  10. I like this game from what I've played so far. It brings back some good RPG memories. The only issues have is with the armor customization and content.

    I want to look how I want yet maintain all the enhancements of powerful armor. It happens more times than not, I'll end up liking the look of a lower piece of armor but forced to wear stronger armor I don't care to look at. That's a easy fix and I can easily get over that. As far the content goes. 35hrs is short, but given I have game pass I'm way over that.

  11. No I hate games , that try to predict cover, you would end up with the same experience you get from Breakpoint, how your character bounces of every wall when entering buildings etc this is bad and very very annoying.

  12. Not just that, but if you read this, me and several other friends have had their accolades level and challenges reset atleast once, it's really annoying to grind hours for them back.


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