Outriders – edge Of Time Legendary Armor Set

Show casing the brand new outriders legendary armor set called the edge of time, this is one of collection of outriders legendary gear sets that is available to earn now within the game now, for more outriders legendary armor sets please check out my other videos.

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9 thoughts on “Outriders – edge Of Time Legendary Armor Set”

  1. Thanks for this, couldn't find the HD pics anywhere to see mods. Absolutely insane mods, literally would clap everything in expeditions. Gonna buy the footwear from Tiago now, thanks man!

  2. Wow Awesome video bro! Exactly what I was looking for. Liked and subbed!

    I'd love a video on how you obtained the entire set. (All pieces, not just the 3 for the set buff)

    I just got the Edge of Time Boots.

  3. The one thing I don't understand is that builds with the armor sets such as Edge of Time It's For anomaly so why doesn't it have a set attribute for anomaly…
    Like I got the full set and I don't even use a chess piece or hands because it's not good for the build because all it does is it gives you Max health. You need to have increase anomaly for each piece not including close-range damage and cooldown reduction…

  4. I still can't believe it yesterday and today people making reports where they see legendaries drop in from an expedition and it's turning into a random purple item… honestly if I was a outrider ambassador I would really contact them I would really get in their face and tell them what the hell they doing they are destroying their company they are destroying the reputation they are destroying a product and they took people's money in the process
    They need to give people refunds


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