Outriders Expeditions Review – A Content Loop With Flaws

An Outriders Expeditions guide will surely help those looking to maximize efficiency. My Outriders Expedition Devastator is at a decent place, the but content …


4 thoughts on “Outriders Expeditions Review – A Content Loop With Flaws”

  1. I am so very done with cut scenes and travels scenes. It turns 10 minutes worth of side quests into 30-35 minutes. I would happily grind my way through side quests to get the gear I need for my Devastator, if I didn’t have to travel here, then travel again, pick up the quest, cut scene to enter quest, 2-3-4 fights, travel back to camp, travel to next area, travel to another place, pick up the quest, cut scene to enter quest, 2-3-4 fights, etc etc etc.

    That is not respecting my time. That’s obnoxious. I loved the Terra Infirma Captain grind because it was run, kill him, kill snipers, die, do it again. Notice, in the Terra grind, the majority of my time is fighting, not loading and traveling. So when we found the Dunes Warlord and Monster Hunt as a source to grind, perfect!! And then they nerf it because it wasn’t “as intended.”

    And if they keep pushing me to run content “their way,” and that way is plunging into countless travel and cut scenes, I’m going to play only until something else comes along. A guaranteed legendary is a great reward, but not worth it if it’s because I reran their 90 million cut and travel scenes.

    This is one of my many issues. The other big one is the downscaling. Go from CT15 gold, to CT10 wipes because of that scaling. That’s ridiculous.


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