Outriders – Fans Are FURIOUS But Take It Too Far! Official Updates From Devs! All New Updates!

Outriders News Updates – So it looks like a group of Outriders fan took their rage a bit too far recently. Plus we’ve got an official update from the dev team, let’s look at the reviews in progress and more. Stay tuned for more Outriders news and gameplay for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, Xbox One and PS4!

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43 thoughts on “Outriders – Fans Are FURIOUS But Take It Too Far! Official Updates From Devs! All New Updates!”

  1. Wish there was an easy way to ID and ban/suspend those who send threats, insults, and verbal threats to game devs and publishers. There's no need for it and folks need to be held accountable.

  2. Seeing how they screwed us over with the DLC from Final Fantasy 7 remake I can see them messing us over with this to plus yesterday my friends plural had to play around with the game for half an hour before they get on outRiders today's the 4th so on the third had a problem with server connection another lying Square Enix you might just move the game the PlayStation 5 only and I know they have no problem doing that because of past games

  3. Anybody that leaves horrible comments like that to this team clearly knows nothing about how servers work especially due to the fact that there is cross play that's working better then most previous crossplay enabled games this time around!

  4. Idk why people are so surprised about connection issues, boo hoo it’s been like that since for quite some time for plenty of understandable reasons as to why it happens, sit down, take a deep breath and be patient, this games devs have been some of the most responsive that I’ve ever seen in a game like this

  5. The harsh tweets she's talking about are people threating refunds and charge backs. There haven't been any personal attacks that I've been able to find. Mel may just be terrible at taking harsh critism.

  6. This is exactly why I will never call myself a "gamer". Too many of those idiots that go to the extremes and either send death threats or SWAT other people because of their narcissism and impatience.

  7. 3 days of non stop server issues, they should just have released it as a single player offline game .

    With the option of multi player . This online games as a service nonsense has gone to far .

    And this isn't the first time or the first game from them that has issues .

    Avengers ring a bell ?
    This nonsense has become standard in the games industry .

    No other industries treat customers like this .
    If a car came out having engine problems would we be ok with just sitting in it and saying it just works.

    Or it's surprise mechanics . As consumers we have a right to be cheesed off with such nonsense .

    The game kept having Server issues when I mod the truck . Why is it ok to accept such sub standard products .

    This giving game companies excuses and an out needs to stop .

  8. There is no action in this game ! There is action in destiny 2/division 2/ warframe/fortnite/borderlands 2&3 these are really good games to play then we have outriders lol the outsiders they want you to farm for health & shield not for loot ! This company really need to look at borderlands 2 & 3 how we get health & shield lol ! So hilarious the company already died the moment it went live !

  9. Outriders and People Can Fly have been and continue to be a breath of fresh air. They are doing great – for God's sake, people should give them a break when they have technical issues.

  10. The main this is people are tired of paying full price for "finished" games and we end up being the game testers.. its really simple stop selling broken linear games and hyping them up… make your game,finish your game, for the love of god test your game before you push it to the public

  11. My opinion. I played Destiny and outsiders and my favorite of this game type of game is…….warframe.

    But i am currently liking Outriders more than destiny because there is an actual story i don't have to go out of the game to learn, and not every mission is a defense mission. (For clarification i never bothered with Destiny 2 because i felt ripped off with Destiny).

  12. Remember everyone D2 had same amount of problems like this when it came out so shouldn’t jump on the people for these problems they are trying to do there best to make us happy but to me if they want to fix the problems take past old games off there servers and take that to this game and fix the bug in an update we won’t have no problems with outriders bc they did make final fantasy games

  13. This is why all PS5 and Xbox series Games should come with a offline mode I don't like to play online because it's always a bunch of losers they are experts playing with beginners and I never get to really do anything so games that are 100% online I don't even waste my time buying

  14. Hey, I was wondering on the cheating aspect….if my buddy decides to cheat can he and I still play together? Steam friends? Or is there matchmaking limitations focused on steam and epic friends when they talk about limiting matchmaking


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