Outriders: FREE GOD ROLLED LEGENDARIES – Inventory Restoration Bug Fix REWARDS 1000s Of Players

Outriders free perfect God Rolled Legendaries for many players.
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37 thoughts on “Outriders: FREE GOD ROLLED LEGENDARIES – Inventory Restoration Bug Fix REWARDS 1000s Of Players”

  1. Have you checked some of your legendary’s that you modded a few of mine the mods that I might it now are the permanent and the one that was originally is now I can remodel it again

  2. I got 2 amber vaults a voodoo matchmaker and an airie master all better than the ones I had. I broke the old ones down so, worked out well for me considering I didn’t lose anything.

  3. So legendaries with stats that aren't possible to get through normal means🤪😅 Can the devs get anything right?? I feel bad for lost characters but this is just lazy and incompetent

  4. There is a new bug after tgere inventory restore patch its a major one any time the auto save funtion comes on the game sometime crashes and kicks you from tge game

  5. I think it good they are giving everyone free stuff even though some didn't get wipes there was still lots of bugs that everyone had to deal with but I hope people get everything they lost back

  6. Seriously, can this guy not put the word MITIGATION into Google and see how tf it's pronounced…figured he would have seen all the people commenting about it on his videos

  7. Lucky to everyone who received items! Truly happy for you all! Not so lucky for me… despite lost gear, constant disconnects, and currently multiple crashes per session I have not seen even one piece of scrap… oh well…

  8. It was scattershot on who got godrolls and what the godrolls were. Balancing going forward is going to be a goddamn nightmare. They have stated that they would not take those with these godrolls into consideration when balancing, but they couln't even decipher who should and should not have received items in the first place.

    I completely expect for them to balance around these new outrageously fast clear times from people that have literally UNOBTAINABLE rolls in the game then reduce timers and nerf mods and skills accordingly. They are either the most apathetic or incompetent devs I've ever seen work on a looter-shooter.

    Also, I wholeheartedly expect the "appreciation" gift to be a horrible version of an item you wont want in the first place.

  9. When are they gonna fix the crashes I got a response from steam when I try to get a refund for this game but since I have a 108 hours in I can't get a refund and I can't even play it because of all the crashes when are they going to fix this??????

  10. Well as far as I know I didn't lose anything but then again also one of my mates that play it didn't lose anything or have a inventory and he received 20 legendarys the other day from it, but my self i have had nothing what so ever out of it on any of my 4 characters.
    So I guess with some people it's just a case of luck and in my case its bad luck lol

  11. I got nothing. I know I lost a few things. A buddy of mine lost nothing an got a bunch of legendary stuff.
    Restoration groups A B n C…..they forgot group D. For those who got nothing at all! 100% pi**ed off :/


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