Outriders – Full Demo Playthrough (Pyromancer)

Outriders Demo – Full Demo Play Through Gameplay / Pyromancer Class – No Commentary. Just a video of my first full playthrough of the demo, completing the …


25 thoughts on “Outriders – Full Demo Playthrough (Pyromancer)”

  1. Awesome playthrough!! This is just a demo ofc😊, I’m expecting quite a couple of improvements when it fully releases. Other than that, this game doesn’t look half bad 👌🏽. Also what’s an Outrider?

  2. I actually get a lot of gears of war vibes when it comes to the gun play, but the cover to cover gameplay is pretty accurate to division 2 in my opinion, although it does need a little more polishing. Solid game though!

  3. really?, you wake up after 34 years of frozen coma and exactly that moment the one guy you knew gets kidnapped, what a coincidence, isn't it? it's almost like he is just a plot device

  4. game seems promising, it feels like a mixture of games which I'm down for, although it seems to have a certain roughness to it, things are off or janky, hopefully it gets more polished when the full game releases

  5. So I was looking through my pyromancer skill tree and found an interesting skill in the Tempest Branch. PHEONIX NESTING.
    Every time I die I can come back with fifty percent of my health! And it works every 180 seconds!
    This is just the best! Guys look through your skill trees for your classes and see what you can find!


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