Outriders Game Demo Details and Breakdown

Tune into the fifth Outriders Broadcast, Into the Fray, to learn more about the game’s demo coming, which is out on February 25. In addition, developer People Can Fly will recap what makes Outriders on PC shine and dive into community Q and A.


50 thoughts on “Outriders Game Demo Details and Breakdown”

  1. Hilarious how much they talked about Stadia. Obviously, they had major contract deals with Stadia. However, they have already shut Stadia down, esp after Microsoft practically went out and bought what seems to be every game company lol jk… I don't blame Stadia. No One likes paying nor dealing with competitors for game licensing fee/contracts. After all, Stadia Rep was blunt when they said it was pointless to try after Microsoft bought Zenimax.

  2. Devs: "We're providing free upgrades for next gen consoles!"

    Me: Oh nice!

    Devs: "Don't say we never gave you anything. ;)"

    Me: Wow, they spend that cred fast.

  3. It's a $60 dollar game and I don't foresee enough content for that price (I mean in terms of what $60 should buy you and not in terms of a modern-day "videogame"). I hope I am wrong and this is not another Anthem.

  4. Predator vibe, Warframe vibe, Remnant: From the Ashes vibe a bit…I mean who cares what the remix it is if its done well and has nice end game. Most of games are remixes and this is good evolving process.

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  6. I would give it a 7. I like the storyline it's interesting to me. The gameplay is decent. It's a make feel of destiny with like a mass effect. I was a little unsure when I saw the trailers what was it last year. But the demo has changed my mind so far. I will be picking it up on launch lets just hope the content keeps going and they support the game. I'm really enjoying it so far. My favorite class would be the Trickster. I just hope there is a good mix of weapons and gear. LOOT! One thing that needs to be looked at is the cut scene. I'm not sure why but mine are locked at 30 fps and it does shudder which is driving me crazy. The game is playing smoothly on ultra settings then the low fps cut scenes are making it bad.


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