Outriders Gameplay Healing Explained plus Thoughts on the Co-op Gameplay

Website: https://outriders.square-enix-games.com/
I am thinking about playing the Pyromancer and the Technomancer if I purchase this game.


4 thoughts on “Outriders Gameplay Healing Explained plus Thoughts on the Co-op Gameplay”

  1. to be fair i see the devastator being in the enemys face, but you are correct when then are playing pretty passively. i think its done for the gameplay and they look under geared compared to some other gameplay. i agree maybe they should have let a hardcore gamer play the game looks like devs might have been playing.

  2. It seems like the combat loop is pretty standard, except that rather than ducking back, it's that last aggressive burst that results in healing. I think the Technomancer is a great example of a class that will play well from range/cover despite the devs general insistance on aggression. I can't wait to get me hands on the demo and see how this game has shaped up.

  3. I played the closed beta, this is early game when you are still pretty squishy and haven't gotten better mods yet. Cover will get you killed. I wish they would have let us stream our gameplay but they wouldn't. I recommend trying the demo when it releases on February 25th. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. I think honestly it’s a mixture I don’t think you’re gonna have to play super aggressive every single time and not read the situation some enemies can literally kill you faster than you can kill them or heal so you’re gonna have to take cover sometimes, it’s kind of like how every game plays out you can face Tank certain enemies in the division and other shooters and sometimes you have to actually take a cover because the enemies output of damage is greater than your own…. so I don’t see this critique really being of substance clearly because ,those enemies are very numerous and you want to mitigate some of the damage coming from all around you and second and most importantly, we haven’t even played the game yet!


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