Outriders GET 3 GUARANTEED LEGENDARY WEAPONS – Heir To The Desert, Amber Vault, Absolute Zero

Here is in Outriders YOU CAN GET 3 GUARANTEED LEGENDARY WEAPONS – Heir To The Desert, Amber Vault, Absolute Zero. I go over on what you need to do to be able to get these outriders legendary weapons and all the outriders tips and tricks that you need to know to be able to get the legendaries that you have been farming. Now I have done a lot of test and have the numbers that backup my video and try it for yourself and you will see how to get Heir To The Desert, outriders how to get Amber Vault, Outriders how to get Absolute Zero. Let me know in the comments which legendary weapon you got. #outriders #laserbolt

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43 thoughts on “Outriders GET 3 GUARANTEED LEGENDARY WEAPONS – Heir To The Desert, Amber Vault, Absolute Zero”

  1. 220hrs played… i've run this probably at least 25 times… i mostly get armor from drop palace including seis helm, statue helm… i have yet to find an absolute zero gun at all. Haven't seen an amber in here at all. I do own an heir to the dessert but i've had it since 40's i cant remember where i got it sorry. Will run a few different lvls maybe there is a lower chance of set items on lower tiers thus raising chance of those guns, i'll test that. I've also solod eye of the storm.. based on your loot pool theory that might effect my drops too

  2. As Requested I got amber vault from the hidden chest in story in that zone. Plus from giant spider in campaign. As for expeditions I got amber vault from that expedition and I'm continuing to run it to confirm Httd and absolute

  3. Expeditions are a WASTE OF FUCKING TIME. U fight through 9 million enemies to get gold and this piece of shit game drops nothing EVERY TIME.
    People Can Fly are some lazy ass developers.

  4. Well,ive been having some trouble with my trickster lately,seems like my anamoly won't even work sometimes when goung through expeditions,and theyve been patching some things it sems

  5. Okay I'll do the test. But Laser, do you know what armor piece gives you the mod "Shatter"?

    I can't find out where "Shatter" mod comes from anywhere online. I can find information on what the mod does, but nothing on the Armor its from.


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