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Outriders Has a Lot of Confidence in the Game. They should have confidence lets hope the confidence pays off. I give you my thoughts.


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  1. this game has 15 strikes as end game and you guys think that's enough? I'm not saying if it is or isn't but I think you YouTubers should actually outline the content on paper

    40 hour campaign

    monster hunts

    side quests

    15 end game exhibitions

    that's it

  2. I already pre-ordered it. I have faith. I give every developer at least one chance. They deserve that. Ubisoft or EA is not involved so I think we might be in good shape

  3. here Im going to tell you why this game will end up just like Godfall, Avengers, Borderlands 3……………its all about END GAME Outriders as far as we know right now has no end game. No 14 missions that keep getting compared to strike from destiny just with more difficulty is not end game, people will run those missions once/twice and thats it and if that 15th mission ends up being a horde then once again, that is not end game, the end game for these types of games has to be meaningful otherwise the game wont survive the first month and will die off just like avengers,godfall, borderlands 3did cause those games had no end game

  4. The best comparison I can see in terms of this game from 2019 is Remnant: From the Ashes, which released as a $40 title and had two $10 expansions after that, spaced roughly six months apart. I played the hell out of the core game, at least as much as one can as a working dad, and then bought both of the expansions and played those. Endgame modes were added later, the core game only allowed replay of content. It was also very buggy and had balance issues that were eventually ironed out. Not being games as a service did not hold the game back in terms of content, though.

    I think Outriders is a more polished and higher variety experience of that game. One notable difference is that Remnant had procedurally generated maps from a tile set where Outriders maps seem to be fixed with variation in enemy spawns only. So replaying the campaign and side missions in the current state could be good for grinding loot or replaying with friends but may get stale. Outriders at least makes that convenient by allowing players to change position in the campaign and replay side missions based on where they were picked up. In Remnant before expedition mode was released, you would have to reroll your entire campaign seed to try to get the desired drops. Remnant being a classless system also meant there was little reason to make a second character, until hardcore mode was released. Hopefully the campaign in Outriders is fun enough to play through four times, because that looks like what you'll need to do for each class.

    Where Remnant had fixed difficulty levels that affected a seed, Outriders allows you to change difficulty dynamically to keep you in the action longer. You can bump difficulty down two levels while you get past a difficult section then bump it right back up. The 15 endgame Expedition missions may provide enough variety but we'll really have to see in final release.

    Sorry for the wall of text, looking forward to the game!


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