Outriders – How to Defeat the MOLTEN ACARI (Boss Guide)

If your struggling to defeat the molten acari boss in Outriders, then I have some important tips for you!

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Intro – 00:00
World Tier Levels – 01:04
Boss Fight Overview – 01:42
Boss Fight Phase 1 – 01:56
Boss Fight Phase 2 – 03:00
Boss Fight Phase 3 – 04:22
Weapon Choice – 06:04
Abilities Choice – 08:25
Boss Weakness – 09:08
Outro – 10:18
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16 thoughts on “Outriders – How to Defeat the MOLTEN ACARI (Boss Guide)”

  1. Is it just me thinking its pretty stupid that the boss has so much health? You have to continuously shoot the thing for like 20 minutes… feels exaggerated to me.

  2. I was getting killed immediately in his 3rd form because I didn’t know his lava attack rotated I was getting killed too quick to see the attack rotate. Right on man

  3. 3rd phase of the fight i kept getting killed instantly. lvl 12 and world tier 7 trickster. Did figure out that even though Hunt the Prey didn't work, i did get the shield from using it at least. EDIT: I was finally able to kill him. Thanks for posting this video.

  4. The shotgun actually works well for the boss and mini spiders. My mod made it give me shield for every kill. Also if you aim for the orange spots on the boss it does lots of damage. Also on the spider phases you can aim for the shell and the shotgun breaks it easily


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