OUTRIDERS | How To Get Any Legendary & Perfect Rolls For Your Gear! (Outriders Best Legendary Farm)

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OUTRIDERS | How To Get Any Legendary & Perfect Rolls For Your Gear! (Outriders Best Legendary Farm)
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48 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS | How To Get Any Legendary & Perfect Rolls For Your Gear! (Outriders Best Legendary Farm)”

  1. This is why games get patched. Because people like you keep posting about game breaking features like this. So maybe you should take the post down so other people can do this later

  2. Just a heads up to anyone doing this on console.
    I’ve done this on Xbox and at times it will still register you upgraded it to epic but you’ll only have one mod instead of two and won’t be able to add a second.
    So may not be worth it.

  3. I don't think we need rotating legendaries in a shop. what we need is an item reroll system. Lets say you drop a legendary weapon you like or need, but the damage roll is crap… we should have an option to reroll that item, to hopefully get a better version of it. There are a lot of legendary items in the game, getting the one you actually want with good stats is going to take months even on CT15 sub 5 min runs. This could then cost a lot of resources, so it would be worth to farm them… i am sitting on over 200k Titanium, so don't even need to spend the drop pod resources anymore, just simply no point. Please give us a reroll system! 😀

  4. I've tried this on a gun and it didn't work. I upgraded the hells ranger ar and didn't get the mod I wanted so I alt f4 and when I went back into the game the gun was upgraded and only had 1 mod and couldn't add another one.

  5. Some of us dont have unlimited time to play stop pushing it so far and ruining it for the casual player that can only play maybe an hour a day. I like your vids but not everyone gets paid to stream all day and make youtube videos

  6. I tried the crafting/mod save glitch to farm the earthborn renegade tac rifle without doing the whole 'go die, then reload from the lobby' part and without filling up your inventory with weapons you can't dismantle. Just keep changing the varient and if it's not the damage you want, force close and when you log back in the rifle still acts like you just took it out of your inbox.

  7. 7:12 timestamp: This does NOT work on Ujio and human bounties. After 10 turn-ins he just kicks me automatically out of his chat menu and the reward comes in. Additionally he doesnt have a Sale chat option since he is not a vendor in the first place.

  8. If anyone is having trouble signing in just close the game out and go back in. Wait a few seconds and you should be signed in. If not, rinse and repeat. I have to close the game twice before I can sign in. Before the update I only had to close the game once. PS5.

  9. Seems like Noah doesn't guarantee legendaries anymore as of an hour ago…I just did this trick and only got a legendary about half the time. Every time, I was able to hand in the quests and the "reset quest" option showed up every time. It's strange because it worked for me yesterday 100% of the time.

  10. I just completed all three of them yesterday and the historian quest doesn’t have a store there’s no option to buy anything or sell anything to her yet all you click the X on PlayStation to give her each of the way of each of the items you’ve collected and then when you’re done and you text your last reward it just dumped you out I hope this only works on the home and I will leave on the homebodies you have to have a friend playing with you to do it

  11. Yeah right exactly but I’m pretty sure that only works solo for the hunt that doesn’t work at all for the whole story and she doesn’t sell anything there’s no man you to sell things pneumonia turn your last item man you’ll get dumped out

  12. If you need to give an alt account the high tier mods don't bother giving it dups of your legendries. just put the mod you want on a throwaway piece of gear and have your alt break it down. You don't have to have an item who had it naturally for you to get it.


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