Outriders – huge Patch Update – Chests Nerfed – Epics Removed & Two Million Demo Downloads

hey guys a huge dev update has just dropped from the outriders team on Redditt, outlining a whole host of changes coming to the demo.

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12 thoughts on “Outriders – huge Patch Update – Chests Nerfed – Epics Removed & Two Million Demo Downloads”

  1. Already people are refunding the game due to this which is dumb to be honest we are over powered if you have on epics and legendaries. Once the game drops all of that will be there so I'm cool with it it's just not gonna be as fun til the release date

  2. This might just be my impression, but I actually like this change. while it'll be harder to farm. Just opening the chest was very boring very fast.

    actually playing through a side mission to get more Luther, and having better chances of that actually being useful, that sounds like it could be more fun in the long run, at least for the demo

  3. @Mida you are part of the outrider ambassador program if I remember correctly

    Perhaps you can pass on a message for the developers
    We have the auto loot mechanic And a slider for what we want to auto loot
    Perhaps they can also make a similar function with auto dissemble when looting and a rarity slider for what not to dissemble
    Blue and green for shards

    It would be a quality of life improvement specially for late game when even epic becomes redundant and shards is needed to improve weapon and armor stats


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