Outriders in 9th Edition – Space Marine Unit Review and Tactics

Let’s look over the Primaris Bikes once more…

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Datasheet
2:35 Chapter Choices
5:17 Buffs and Synergy
7:04 In Game Use
8:52 Comparison to Bike Squad


28 thoughts on “Outriders in 9th Edition – Space Marine Unit Review and Tactics”

  1. Interested to try 'Gift of the Khan' to hook my White Scars outrider Seargent with a master crafted twin bolter – you're usually using the bolters turn two so that 4x ap-2 D2 shots can be a nice buff in certain matchups.

  2. I run blood angels and I use battlescribe to build my army lists. I was wondering if you knew cause the supplement says you can make a captain death company for 20pts. I don't see an option to make a primaris captain on bike death company. I would love this to be a thing but if it's not I'll be sticking with my death company captain on bike.

  3. Best used as highly mobile fire support, avoiding getting counter-shot. The charge +2A is okay but getting entangled in combat really prevents their ability to put their bolter shots where they are most strategically useful, as well as puts them at risk of taking damage.

  4. Hello I have a hopefully quick question.

    A standard guard squad fires at assault terminators.

    Lets say they hit and wound but when the terminators save they have a 1+ save because of the storm shield. Does this mean they shrug off every lasgun shot because you cannot fail a 1+ or do rolls of 1s for saves always fail regardless of the modifier?

  5. Why are the bikes soooooo low to the ground? The fact that a small pebble would bottom the bike out of existence is hilarious. At least the chaplain looks good, he just looks nervous, like he is worried about a slight bump in the road. This is why my orks put speedbumps on the roads around their forts, it turns "da bikey bois back into da bell-bottom bois har, har, har".

  6. Another thing to note is that Blood Angel outriders can be made more effective with their Super Doctrine giving each model an extra attack. So popping 21 attacks on a turn 3 charge with +1 to wound is solid. Shame they're honestly just outdone by Vanguard Vets in a BA list.

  7. Loads of Bikes with plasma guns and combi plasma near captain on bike giving a reroll of 1s. (Or straight out rerolls if chapter master). They also get their bolters to shoot as well. Outriders seem obsolete in comparison. Although less concentration of points.

  8. Still prefer regular bikers. Less attacks but they cost 60% as much. Way tougher, more firepower, special weapons options, sergeant weapon options, and room for an attack bike. It’s especially good with blood angels, more models getting +1 attacks each from savage echoes and the sergeant getting better attacks.

  9. I really fancy doing something with these. so dark Angels is probs the best if I wanna have hordes of dudes on bikes and lanspeeders and stuff? I wonder if I'd get enough bits from the ravenwing specifics to make these outriders look like proper ravenwing. I've not done dark angels since 2nd edition, but I am a sucker for robed stuff (although I don't think power armour and robes will ever be as good as the ad mech combo of cyborg monks. the mechanicus are the coolest looking faction by far)

  10. WS player here. Playing WS, they're about as optimized as they can be- they can advance 20" (21" if you factor in the plume of the plainsrunner relic), charge, and if you're in the assault doctrine they dish out 19 attacks at ap -2, D2. You can even use a strat to make them fire after advancing. 3D6 charge picking the 2 highest for 1 CP. Sounds great, right?

    Except they're rarely ever near a character to receive buffs like rerolls. They're really only good at clearing small units of chaff, and they die pretty easily to any dedicated melee countercharging, or just shooting. At 150 pts they're just not worth the cost, even in the most optimized army, because they don't really do much. I have no idea why they were bumped up by 5 pts in the last SM FAQ; unlike eradicators or inceptors they really aren't that strong. They make a decent counter-charge unit, but vanguard veterans do it better anyway.

    They're really only good at being a flanking unit, and they cost way too much. Speed is the only thing that makes them at all interesting- vanvets with shields are way more durable and only a little slower, and have better weapons. Even under the best of circumstances, they're not really worth it if you're aiming for efficiency.


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