Outriders Is Cheating in a PvE Game OK? | Ginger Prime

Outriders Is Cheating in a PvE Game OK? | Ginger Prime
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Outriders is tracking cheaters, but are cheaters hurting anyone in the game?

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27 thoughts on “Outriders Is Cheating in a PvE Game OK? | Ginger Prime”

  1. Well so with the chests dose that mean we won't get legendarys when full game drops. Like I mean during expeditions because that's chests loot as well I honestly hope it dosent screw over expedition chests as well thier would be no end game grind at that point in my opinion.

  2. If they want put the effort in to flag and separate cheaters so they only matchmake with other cheaters then I don't care what they do. Otherwise ban those characters from matchmaking cause it'll grow old kicking cheaters from the party.

  3. Cheating to get items that are obtainable in game does not bother me. Cheating to make things stronger than they should be I do have a problem with. I don't cheat myself .

  4. its only a problem when people have cheated the gearing system are matching making with you and making content feel easier than it should. basically if you are gonna mod/hack/cheat in a PVE game keep to your own play session. its like how there has been extensive modding in cyberpunk yet the the devs talk about a future multi player… would be a shit show

  5. If u queue up for something and get constantly carried by the most powerful being in the virtual universe over and over you're going to just wanna solo the game. Not nearly as bad as pvp but still scum

  6. Well it happened in division 2 . During the damage glitch. I got matchmaked on legendary mission with a group. And I ended up getting banned for 1 month for reaping the benefits of a faulted lobby only to get banned and rolled. So whatever system they have in place. I’m not sure how in a strictly over game. Issue such players warning . 1st offense etc…..

  7. I have no problem if people want to cheat AND PLAY SOLO. Ala "God Mode" codes in insert random game But when other people are involved, whether you are playing with OR against them ruins the fun and competitive nature of trying to do well

  8. I disagree with this "street justice". Until you do things on your own machine and don't go in matchmaking, it does not matter, because you play solo(read as offline). Or if you play with friends you must ask them if it is ok or not. Trainers and cheats not "bad" thing, it is a tool as wrench or hammer. You can use it in many different ways for fixing something or hurting somebody. From devs perspective, i thing, it is right to use some kind identification for people who use cheats(mark or changing in name) but definitely not bans, because it is a PVE game. And if somebody hurting your experience with cheats without your permission – kick him and find another one or play with friends or solo. Sorry but this "Street Justice" triggered me beyond my patience. It is just ridiculous and stupid. Also modifying code is illegal – it is a lie. Until you don't affect other people and don't use it for monetization purpose you can do whatever you want with code. Illegal is spreading code modification without permission.

  9. If the game has any kind of multiplayer functionality (leaderboards, multiplayer, etc), then cheating is unacceptable imo because you can affect someone else's play. In a completely single player game, do what you will (Still against cheating but to each their own).

  10. I'm going with the copyright side of things, i mean i can understand FFXIV with SHADERS and graphic fixes – but then again the use of htose are VERY Grey area to the point GM's have said "IT MIGHT BE OK" to "You'll get banned if you stream with it" – I've also hilariously been told that since i have a degree in design i don't need shaders i have photoshop. XD – Then again FFXIV is rated teen everywhere but NZ – it's 18+ in NZ. Outriders .. shouldn've have cheats, honestly – WHY? XD WHY WOULD YOU RUIN SUCH A GOOD THING?

  11. It's arguably "okay" to cheat yourself but it's not okay to cheat others.

    I have some small hope that people will wake up to the corruption of decency and realize that it's not about the accolades. That they'll realize it's about the quality of participation. Legends in many fields of life are not remembered merely for performance or accomplishments but for their character.

    It reminds me of Trials gear in Destiny 2. Due to cheating – Trials gear is akin to Clown Shoes. I literally lol when people are flexing their five piece set. It's a shame and aside from not being fun to play with cheaters, most people just don't want to participate in a donkey show.

    Cheaters are a blight to all.

  12. If it is a single player game cheating is perfectly fine. If it is coop pve it really depends on what the cheat is. For instance as you mentioned moving your clock forward to reset vendors. That I feel is perfectly fine. However something that gives you godmode or infinite resources is not. In pvp HELL NO!


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