Outriders Most Fun Class! Ranking All 4 Classes!

Pyromancer, Technomancer, Devastator, and Trickster! So many choices! Which is the most fun class?! Lets rank all 4 of them! This Video Is Funny (I Hope!), An Informative, Guide, To My Breakdowns Of All 4 Classes In The Demo! Which class will you be maining? Remember these are just my opinions so feel free to let me know if you agree or think I could not be any more wrong. I have been sinking so much time into gameplay for each and every class that I can safely say they are all incredibly fun to play. Watch this video if you are potentially on the fence about which Outriders character to pick. This is my most ambitious video yet and I really hope you have fun and enjoy it!
– II Made

Links to my previous Build Videos:
Toxic Cryo Technomancer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa1dF43199g
Tanky Pyromancer : https://youtu.be/Hxs-aHi6ck0
Glasscannon Pyromancer : https://youtu.be/RslovVn3NL0
Beast Mode Devastator : https://youtu.be/Qb5yeoSVoic
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00:0000:26 Intro
00:2702:57 #4 Devastator
02:5905:11 #3 Technomancer
05:1309:48 #2 Pyromancer
09:5012:50 #1 Trickster
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18 thoughts on “Outriders Most Fun Class! Ranking All 4 Classes!”

  1. fun vid as always. so for me its
    4.techno. i just really dont like her. a game about super powers and you can summon a …..grenade? and a…..turret? yeah no….

    3. devestator. cool skills but for now as you said, a bit boring. will become much more fun though with the other skills i think. looking at you impale.

    2. trickster. this is the class i would normally play in every rpg. rogue/fast and squishy. i really do like him here and if my friends dont have time on release i will do my first solo playthrough with him. i just think he will become a mainly CC character in endgame, with some burst damage, also the end game mods i have seen for him dont excite me as much as the ones for pyro.

    1. pyro. this class suprised me. i always like fire characters but i didnt think id have this much fun with her. (yes, pyro and techno female, dev and trickster male, this is the way). the combos, the visuals, the sound, its all so satisfying and looking at some endgame mods and the skill tree, she will be able to clear rooms with two button presses i believe ^^. also she will get a fire kamehameha skill so she automatically wins. if my first playthrough isnt solo, ill definitely pick her.

    2 more weeks!

  2. I agree 100% and wholeheartedly with these rankings. I would rank them the exact same in terms of fun factor. Trickster definitely takes top spot for Personal Boner Factor! In your opinion, for a solo player, between Trickster or Technomancer who would you pick for both fun factor and survivability? I am really torn between the two. A lot of people say Trickster is the best class period and for solo (with Devastator) while others say Technomancer is the best for solo players. I just can't decide. I have tried all four classes and I can't decided between Trickster and Techno. Awesome video by the way!


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