OUTRIDERS – MUSH FACE & SPIKES #twitchclips #outriders #shorts

Watch Chris (MrRevaN7) play as a crazy powerful psychic lady in Outriders. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mrrevan7

SYNOPSIS: During the middle of the 21st Century, Earth has passed the point of no return as climate disasters grow more frequent and dangerous, surpassing humanity’s ability to mitigate them. The major governments of Earth combine their resources under the newly formed Enoch Colonization Authority (ECA) in a last-ditch effort to preserve humanity on Enoch, a distant Earth-like planet. Two massive colony ships, the Caravel and the Flores, are built, each holding 500,000 colonists. Despite the Caravel suffering a catastrophic explosion in the middle of construction, the Flores successfully reaches Enoch’s orbit in 2159, after an 83-year journey. The first humans to set foot on Enoch are the Outriders, a team of elite soldiers tasked with scouting the landing zone and paving the way for the colonists. However, the Outriders quickly discover the Anomaly, a massive and deadly energy storm. The Outriders attempt to warn the ECA to abort the colonization, but the ECA leadership instead send their own security forces to silence the Outriders by purging them.


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