Outriders – NEW BEST EASY FARM – 6/8+ PER MIN – Legendaries, Epics & Titanium – Full Farming Guide

This Outriders farm is amazing for earning high level gear super fast.
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31 thoughts on “Outriders – NEW BEST EASY FARM – 6/8+ PER MIN – Legendaries, Epics & Titanium – Full Farming Guide”

  1. Its baffling to me how no youtuber yet thought about the best was to get 2 Legs every hour GUARANTEED.

    Replay the Hunting missions from Noah and Uijo on WT1, takes about 1 hour, and we get 2 Legs at the end of it all.

    Now, i tried upping the WT to my max just before i hand over all the trophies, to see if i got the Legs to my current level but no, you get them at level 28. Still fuckin awesome for mods or even level up if they good. Titanium isn’t that difficult to get anymore. Half hour farming for loot, sell that loot for scrap, buy Titanium with the scrap, level up the Legs.

    I’m yet to see a better way to get guaranteed Legs

  2. @DJ Love how people are sleeping on The Other Ingredient titanium farm. Literally 15-30 titanium every 22 seconds on the last area elite. Spawns in first b4 ads easy melt and let ads kill you after. 1k titanium in under 30 minutes. Best farm

  3. It's better to return lobby then die. So you don't lose World Tier. Also Wendigo Hunt is much better. Kill everything and boss and leave one alive. return to lobby and launch back on

  4. The sap tree side mission after you kill spurlock can be done repeatedly. At only WT7 I was getting guaranteed 2 epics every run. Takes 15 seconds to kill the boss and just die to adds and spawns you RIGHT in front of the boss. Just walk in about 20 feet, kill, loot, repeat.

  5. In the forest there's a quest called "The Other Ingredient" where you have to collect sap. The third collection point has a boss that drops 2-3 epics almost every time and up to 20+ titanium on WT9. After dying you respawn literally around the corner and takes about 30 seconds to run back in and kill. After about 6 hours I have 5k titanium 108k leather, 40k iron and nearly every level 2 mod and thousands of shards and 2 legendaries.

  6. This is filler content everyone already knows better farms than this lol. 1:30 on the repeatable Juno quest gets you 6-8 epics with 1-2 legendary items every 10-15 mins. Tons of titanium and you don’t have to die and lose world xp

  7. also if you want items from tiago you can sell all the items, buy titanium from bailey and then sell the titanium to tiago (1 titanium = 2 drop pod resources)

  8. I got 3 stacks of 20+ titanium from the molten spider boss once so I farmed it big stacks at wt3 when I changed to wt5 same titanium but I also got a legendary most of the time you get around 40 sometimes a little lower sometimes a little higher and the story point starts you at the boss fight

  9. Take it this is mainly just useful for Titanium and mods farming since the drops become pretty useless after you level up in the expedition tiers?


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