Outriders News- MASSIVE Demo Details ! Materials, Level Cap, And Progression Transfer

Check out the video for the latest Outriders news and information regarding the demo that is releasing next week Feb 25th! Super excited to grind out Outriders and don’t forget on the game’s launch I will have Outriders guides, farming methods, drop rates, and more!

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26 thoughts on “Outriders News- MASSIVE Demo Details ! Materials, Level Cap, And Progression Transfer”

  1. The good thing of this game, is that do not have PVP, is purely PVE and coop based (so no toxic 1% community) and is not a shooter first. The proper approach is skill first, shoot second. cant wait to start the endless grind

  2. Thnx for this video with that great info about the demo. I am looking forward to it. To play and Explore. Hope to get that feeling back from the days i played Gears. I know its not Gears but i see some nice cool things. Nice and Sweet.

  3. My brother sent me this link and told me that your channel is good. Anyway, you got two new subscribers. Glad to hear that you’re doing ok down in Texas during these crazy days. Stay safe and God bless…

  4. I'm so damn bored of Destiny 2 (what with stasis running rampant and all) that I can't wait for Outriders to come out.
    But if this game turns out to be another Anthem, I'm gonna fucking break something!

  5. I don't understand why everyone is crying regarding the in game voice and chat. I never used such in other games I always preferred Discord, Team Speak etc.
    The game looks something that I play despite it is not something mind boggling but still it will be new and fresh for one to play game without seasonal model, no microtransactions, no in game shop. In my opinion is the strongest selling point of Outriders. I hope also to be a good game too and if the game mange to achieve this: I will see you on the battlegrounds.

  6. I’m looking forward to the demo & especially testing out the beta version of cross-play. The devs FAQ doesn’t mention anything about having a free Square Enix Members account before the demo’s launch. I sure hope that it won’t be a requirement for engaging in cross-play or transferring progress from the demo over to the full game.


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