Outriders PC Specs are BEEFY! My Thoughts

Outriders PC Specs are BEEFY! My Thoughts | Ginger Prime Gaming
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Outriders just released their PC specs and they’re beefy. Where can you play Outriders? Can you PC Handle Outriders?

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15 thoughts on “Outriders PC Specs are BEEFY! My Thoughts”

  1. The minimum PC specs never run a game well regardless. Most people don't know if you "optimize" your pc but uninstalling bloatware, and optimizing network connections as well as disabling windows spyware your PC speed increases almost double. I've got a 1070ti and i can get 200 stable FPS on fortnite, without drops.

  2. PSA: just a friendly reminder that these are not end all be all specs. There are plenty more factors that will go into the performance of the game on PC

    Memory channels, core counts, VRAM, hyperthreading, brand based optimization, cooling, case airflow, background bloat, memory clock speed are all going to impact performance.

    Please be aware when making videogame purchases!


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