Outriders: Should You Play Now That New Horizon Is Here?

Back to Outriders for the New Horizon patch and large Steam sale that lasts through tomorrow, I believe. I booted up my underleveled PC Pyromancer and tried to farm a bit to see how it went. Here’s what I found.

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39 thoughts on “Outriders: Should You Play Now That New Horizon Is Here?”

  1. I’m good. Got plenty of other games to play that didn’t disappoint me on release. Next time, release a polished playable game.

    Then again there won’t be a next time for me for people can fly so. Glad for the people who enjoy it though.

  2. I think the demo is still available. If you like the demo it's basically more of that. 20-30 hours of story stuff and then expeditions which are like strikes, but plays out more like Diablo in terms of loot.

    I'm a big Destiny guy and I've spent 500 hours in this game but it felt made for me. This game is nowhere near the polish of Destiny so play the demo and decide if it's good enough. Personally I love the b-movie style story and had fun with it.

  3. Yes you really should give it another try, the new horizon update saved the endgame and now it is actually fun, you no longer have to worry about runing the best dps build, you can take your time now. As for the transmogs, you need to start a new character so you can get those white, green, blue, purple and legendary looks. and yes it is shared across all your characters

  4. its only tolerable with a group, so if you mainly play solo, I'd avoid it. I found myself being very overwhelmed by tons of enemies and it wasn't a pleasant experience. (even with a busted techno build.)

  5. it's a fun game to play at this moment minus the server connection issues! besides that, the changes they made was all GOOD, especially the removal of the time….i finally reached ct 15 and getting lvl 50 gear and legendaries…so i would say yes play this game its actually good now

  6. Honestly, it's pretty fun. Definitely a completely different game than Destiny so idrk why the 2 even get compared at this point. I'd recommend this if you're into Diablo or Borderlands. Doesn't have alot of the one foot in one foot out of MMO mechanics that Destiny tries.

  7. Idk man I must be missing something. I got a bit into endgame before I quit for awhile I’m at CT10, but coming back I can’t clear anything on CT10 anymore or even 9. All the builds I look up depend on all these legendary sets and/or T3 mods which come from legendary pieces to make skills OP. But I don’t understand how I’m suppose to reliably farm legos and also drop pod resources to make an OP build for getting max CT when the CT I’m capable of doing currently hardly drop either of those things.

  8. I have my complaints, but the entire experience is much smoother. Very good time to hop in, especially if you haven't beaten the main campaign. High recommend. I just wish it had an offline mode.

  9. @paultassi can you do a video shinning light on the disconnection issues & match making. I feel that is holding this game back from being great. the combat, challenge etc is there it just so frustrating to get too the end and get disconnected or return back to camp get disconnected, lose all that you just got from a previous run….maybe that will light a fire under PCF to fix that issue

  10. Super happy with the changes so far. As someone that played the crap out of the launch game there is still a few things I'd love to see. Mainly loadouts and locking gear. Hopefully that comes with the expansion and I'll definitely be picking it up!

  11. Too late, already bought it
    Like, two days ago. Thr offer in the ps store is amazing (24 euro) and since i was already sold on the game since the beta… i was basically only waiting for some patches to be made and certain systems to be removed. And after your recent video on the game i decided that it was time to get it. What also held me back at launch was the poor performance on my base ps4 model, so i wouldve gotten the pc version, even though my pc isnt exactly the best. But the ps5 is taking care of that problem now.
    So yeah, i played some campaign so far, find it actually pretty difficult at times right after i reached a new world tier but in the end, its pretty fun

  12. My biggest gripe from many gripes is the extreme loading screens. It has to load understandably like all games do but it loads too much that it takes me away from the fun on ps4. Went to the camp, selected a mission, then takes me to loading screen have to wait a while, then decided to to a side quest, then loads some more, loads at cutscenes and cannot select my load out or other info due to slowness of loading screens. An hour of playing I only actually played 30% and the rest in loading screens.

  13. I had originally rage quit Outriders about 6.5 months ago. The game was still clunky and buggy at the time.

    Turns out the endgame is where it's at, and I never even tried it. Time redownload and give it a try.

    I still do not know if I can recommend the campaign solo on anything above like World Tier 2… unless you're awesome, then fine… do what you want. 🙂

  14. I think if you already built fully optimized builds and did all the expeditions, there's not a lot to come back for save for trying out new and different builds if you're s build junkie. That being said, I think its an absolutely perfect opportunity for those who were on the fence about jumping in to do so.


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