Outriders – Showcasing Every Tank Build (10/11) – Marshal Dev

Few devs even do Marshal still and the ones that do always make it about anomaly or firepower YET again.

But I’m here to tell you most of your damage comes from your debuffs so…max those…meaning max your cool downs. That’s this build. Then on top of that I can invest even more in health and resistance. And lower cool downs means I heal off my skills more too.

Come Worldslayer this build is getting a major buff too with just a minor tweak. Let’s just say grav leap will have an almost 5 second cool down when I’m done at no extra tankiness cost lol.

This guy rivals even if not beats seismic bleed damage but offers infinitely better team utility and is tankier TOO just because he can heal just as easily but unlike bleed builds actually has a high health bar.

Seriously every devastator in this game and their grandma only chooses anomaly bleed for their devs. I’m tired of it…devs are supposed to be tank focused in my view not damage focused with a tanky FEATURE which is all bleed builds are. Really just shows how utterly obsessed players are with high damage only in games. Yet if that’s your goal choose pyro dude…way better than seismic bleed devs.

In fact all 3 of the other classes when properly built can either do as much or superior damage than a bleed dev yet all 3 offer usually extra utility to their teams while bleed devs do basically nothing. They’ll say they “tank” for the team to which I laugh and point them to all these other builds.


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