Outriders – Showcasing Every Tank Build – Techno Turret Build (4/11) Becoming BETTER in Worldslayer

Fixing Wave allows me to strategically place my turrets sometimes since I keep them up with it (plus it will become more useful with the new pax tree coming).

But if you’re wondering why I maxed my turret cool downs too: that is because it lets me also have the option to keep respawning and moving them. This is important for when they’re destroyed quickly (not often but does happen especially when captain melees one tap them: still very stupid too…) since they heal me so much too. ALSO…it’s important for when I kill enemies and NEED to move them closer to another or if a boss is always on the move. Being able to re summon them quickly as well as keep them alive in the same spot is a combination for an awesome strategic turret build. I can use my turrets FORever and WHEREver I want.

My pistols you see actually do have importance. Since I never run out of ammo for my weapon leech healing primary, I slap scrap grenade with the fastest reload variant on my pistols so this build can also destroy anomaly rifts just fine too in EOTS. And it just gives me more a variety of damage options.

This is probably the tankiest techno I’ve made with the MOST versatility.

First off, this build (unless they nerf crap related to it) will become the most OP SUPPORT techno when Worldslayer drops.

This is because this build will effectively heal everyone close to me or close to any of my turrets which will also increase their damage based on the new pax tree nodes. That combines with my 3 freeze turrets still inflicting freeze obviously and a booster vulnerability debuff around the field while my maxed fixing wave continues to heal players completely in addition to buffing them and refilling their clips.

And this new addition only further complements the tank feature of this build as i am basically a WALKING WALL soaking up all the damage done to me while healing and buffing everyone near me and not doing too bad a damage myself (which is also important for one of the new healing nodes coming only further highlighting the importance of my invincible tank focused builds STILL doing decent damage on their own too).

Now all that said, I tweaked this build removing an armor node and both skill leech nodes in the middle tree. Now the armor node was not giving me much more damage mitigation anyway (like 2% physical) and while the skill leech buffs are nice the truth is with having over 40% anyway thanks to the techno’s bonus 15% and having all 3 turrets i really didn’t NEED IT.

And this allows me to firstly grab even more damage slightly with Wipe Out but mostly to get an extra 20% resistance for a giant BASE 50% resistance now on this boy. This is BETTER…because my armor and skill leech are already sky high for effectiveness but base resistance is so incredibly hard to raise a lot in this game and taking another 20% less from frankly the hardest hitting attacks in the game (think beam traps or anomaly rifts which yes are affected by resistance I tested: it’s why my resistance boosting dev build takes almost literally nothing from them without golem even in Eye of the Storm) is a much better investment for finding the “ultimate tank” when my armor and healing are already fine.

I also use a suppressing LMG for good reason: more spread and RPM means my weapon leech (also very high) is healing me more. Now death chains heals me the most honestly from that stat but the middle tree bonus to weapon damage combined with a suppressing LMG that never needs reloading (another reason I use quartermaster even on this non blighted round using build: it helps my damage and tanking more by taking away constant reload interruptions) makes even my gun damage heal me quite a lot with 38% weapon leech stat TOO (only build that has sky high skill AND weapon leech).

When all is said and done you’re looking at a techno tank with the following:

56k base health

150k BASE armor

50% BASE resistance

42% skill leech healing with all 3 turrets

38% weapon leech healing with Death Chains activating that stat and a high RPM gun that never needs reloading

3000 health regen buff for 8 seconds from a 9.2 second cool down on Fixing Wave

Instant full healing skill every 9.2 seconds

Finally an important and OP 40% less damage for 3 seconds buff every time I melee which you see is quite often and something I can easily abuse when I need too (don’t even have to hit anyway and melee has only a 3.5 second cool down when it’s duration is maxed). I use this skill node on my other techno build because honestly it’s op. Techno tank builds SHOULD fight like devs anyway since their gun damage sucks too much to care about long range bonuses. And when their melee inflicts freeze too, it’s one of the best melees to abuse on a class and the 40% node just makes it broken and awesome really. It does work too I’ve tested. The birds do literally nothing to either of my techno builds when I just melee the air repeatedly lol.


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