Outriders Special Broadcast

Outriders Special Broadcast

Join me as we carry members of the Outriders community, hang out and level new characters.

Win a copy of Worldslayer DLC – https://discord.gg/vSFtQgf

Moar Outriders content/guides
⎆ AP Trickster build – https://youtu.be/jUwroKZ9pmY
⎆ FASER Pyromancer build – https://youtu.be/zt1K6PZMBVo
⎆ Two great Devastator builds – https://youtu.be/2y7LhFgeI4U
⎆ Fast clearing Pyromancer build – https://youtu.be/wwJ4kTS-X_A
⎆ Ridiculously OP FP Trickster build – https://youtu.be/VZCrSuHSHDo
⎆ How important is Deathshield really – https://youtu.be/7V5OdQ0UOlQ
⎆ Noah’s Loot pool explained – https://youtu.be/4Far4EB6PGc
⎆ Insane new Borealis Technomancer – https://youtu.be/aPzMAh8kJIM
⎆ The 2 Best Trickster Builds – https://youtu.be/3bNd1UicPWY
⎆ Two Most Powerful Devastator Builds – https://youtu.be/fLfCkzqitXo
⎆ The Only Technomancer builds you need – https://youtu.be/Uejo5clpB4Q
⎆ The Best Grim Inventor build – https://youtu.be/MlGRiJshft0
⎆ Best Debuff Pyro you aren’t playing – https://youtu.be/ksavw4H6yPE
⎆ Trespasser Trickster is OP – https://youtu.be/8jc1JLuJM8U
⎆ Volcanic Firepower Pyromancer – https://youtu.be/plZOJaNWtnY
⎆ The Best Seismic Commander – https://youtu.be/ltWQq3U3J8w
⎆ Highest Damage FP Technomancer – https://youtu.be/8wgRrTj0pxU
⎆ Meta Seismic Commander – https://youtu.be/J37_9gv4ITI

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