Outriders: STRUGGLING? – WATCH THIS NOW – Full Guide On Loot, Enemies & World Tier Systems

Outriders full guide on how loot, world tiers & enemy scaling works.
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49 thoughts on “Outriders: STRUGGLING? – WATCH THIS NOW – Full Guide On Loot, Enemies & World Tier Systems”

  1. Honestly I don't feel like this a full loot guide, I already assumed all this information…
    Was thinking this video had some secret knowledge, but I guess not…
    Question: is loot locked behind Tier or maybe certain locations?
    Or are all weapons unlocked/available throughout the whole game?

  2. Youll be okay so long as your gear is at or above level

    My gear is currently Max Level 16.
    My character is currently level 14.
    Gear was equipped at level 13.
    I am playing on WT6.
    On WT6 enemies are +3 my character level.
    I am level 14, my gear is 16 and enemies are 17.
    Going down a WT, from WT6 to WT5.
    Enemies are now +2 my character level.
    Enemies are level 16,
    I am level 14.
    My gear is level 16.
    Playthrough till story point is cleared.
    Head to lobby.
    Select highest WT.
    Load into preferred loot run.
    Farm loot that higher than your current level and stats.
    Enhance your strongest Skittles to max level capacity.
    I am level 14.
    My gear is level 16.
    My gear was equipped at level 13.
    Enemies.. what enemies?

  3. Hey dpj if you go complete the outriders legacy side quest you unlock a bunker with 10 checks you can spawn into and pick up. The last room you unlock even has 5 chests right next to eachother very nice farm

  4. Im not struggling whit the game difficulty, what I’m struggle and I’m stuck is eve time I launch the 4 mission it crashed the game and I instal game on the ps4 and it happens at same point

  5. Recently hit world tier 15 only lvl 27 though haven't finished the campaign yet too :< did trench runs to get my gear up was getting about 4 epics a run most times whilst still getting about 2.6 k xp a run

  6. Sir Loid is the best loot farm for gear thats relevant. Even at world tier 10 solo I can still kill him without taking a single hit in less than a minute.

  7. Pfft chest farming. How about easily getting full set of epic weapons and armour at your level (-1 if you don't want to lose progress, see below) whenever you want at a fraction of the time of chest farming, guaranteed.

    Once you have unlocked Hunts at Trench Town, then you can just farm the Hunt monster. I used Cold Claw at Eagle Peaks. Kill the first wave of mobs, leave some alive from the second, then kill the boss, then die to an add, repeat.
    You consistently get 2 epics per kill! (that was at downranked WT5 when I did it)

    You don't have to finish the quest either you can just walk back through the cave and go back the way you came in, so the Hunt quest is available for you when you out level that gear. Just go down one world tear while farming to avoid loosing progress.

  8. I'm really not enjoying Outriders… I'm upset because I thought Id really like it after playing the demo. But its not fun. Been stuck on world tier fucking 7 since last night.. as I kept getting booted out. Sigh😤

  9. Don't progress world tiers during story. It's nothing worth it and makes scaling weird. Just play though like normal. Endgame doesn't even use world tiers. And the gear you get there makes world tier stuff trash anyway.

  10. Are you having server problems? When I was able to sign in it started me from the beginning as if I've never played. Been grinding since the first day demo was released now it wants me to create a character and start all over. Smh

  11. Not a bad game (when it works) it’s great its on game pass, as it isn’t worth the RRP, it still feels like a Gears of war expansion. Sadly for me there’s nothing new with outriders or nothing that hasn’t been done before in a different game so I’m glad I didn’t buy it.it’ll become a one time run through and then wait for dlc …

  12. Is the aiming wonky for you guys too? I love sniping but I feel like the aiming is so choppy, blocky and “heavy”. Not even just for sniping but for general aiming. Anyone else?

  13. Man I know he is guides may help people who don't know anything about what they're doing but there are so many more efficient ways than just chest farming because you're literally getting items that you're going to throw away really quick without getting as an exp there's a specific boss that I started farming and a method that I used to get higher in World tier without having to deal with the overwhelming damage I'm not going to try to explain it but I got to level cr15 and level 30 before way before you were even supposed to + I was gaining epic materials such as leather and titanium and XP farming chests just to get to your enemies level is sort of a waste of time sorry dpj I love your content there are many of us who know exactly what we're doing


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